Easy Tips for Traveling in Style and Comfort

By Kelly Wetherille
December 18, 2015

For many people, the end-of-year and new-year season signifies more than just sparkly lights, festive decorations, family functions, gift shopping, and insane amounts of food. It also is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, with thousands upon thousands of people criss-crossing the globe over a span of just a few weeks. If you are one of those who will be embarking on air travel this season, check out our tips on looking stylish, without sacrificing comfort.

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Dress in Layers

This is especially important if you’re traveling between different climates, but even if not, layers will make sure you’re prepared for whatever extremes the airplane cabin may throw at you.

Trying to sleep while an underwire is poking you in the ribs is never fun, so instead of your usual bra, opt for a base layer with a built-in shelf bra or cups. Uniqlo has a wide range of camisoles (¥1,990) and tank tops that are great for this, and if your destination is in the tropics you can simply strip off your outer layers when you arrive.

Next, layer a simple long sleeved top in a soft and thin yet warm fabric. Two great options are the Heattech Extra Warm (¥1,790) range from Uniqlo and Kit and Ace’s cashmere-blend tees (around ¥10,000), available at the brand’s Nakameguro pop-up shop.

Finally, top off your look with a shawl-collar or wrap cardigan, which you will be able to pull around yourself to stay warm even on cold planes. This one from Banana Republic (¥14,000) has a bold geometric print, meaning you can keep the rest of your outfit simple and still look very put together. Pair it with your favorite black pants and ankle boots or flats and you’ll be good to go.

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Use Color to Stand Out

To avoid having to root around in your bag for your passport each time you need to produce it, make it easily visible with colorful cover. This magenta pink one from Fossil (¥6,480) is perfect, as the natural leather makes it extra durable.

Don’t get stuck at the luggage carousel trying to figure out which of the countless black suitcases is yours. Instead, tie a brightly colored ribbon to the handle or attach one of these quirky luggage tags by Ace (¥2,376) to make it easily recognizable.

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Keep Your Tootsies Toasty

I am all for traveling in heels, but no matter what kind of shoes you choose to get you through airports, you’ll probably want to remove them once on board. Cold air tends to leak into airplane cabins from floor level, so make sure you have some warm socks in your carry-on bag. These ones from Tabio (¥1,944) have a plush lining and no band at the top that could tighten as your legs inevitably swell, causing potential discomfort and unsightly marks on your ankles.

Take a cue from Japanese women and pack a pair of slippers as well, so that you don’t have to worry about putting your shoes back on each time you go to the bathroom. Look for ones that have a soft yet durable sole, but are compact enough to stash in your handbag, like these fleece-lined knit ones from H&M (¥1,190).

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Cosy Up for Sleep

Whether we are able to or not, most of us at least try to sleep during long flights. But don’t rely on the blankets, pillows and (if you’re lucky) eye masks handed out by airlines to keep you warm and comfortable. Instead, it’s best to be prepared with your own. This ingenious piece from Uniqlo (¥1,290) is called a two-way stole, but that is a huge undersell. Not only can it be worn as a poncho, a shawl or a scarf, but you can also lay it out into a convenient travel blanket that’s large enough to cover most people from neck to toe. It’s made of a fabric that is soft, warm, and lightweight enough to carry through airports without being bothersome. It’s also washable, which is especially important if you’re traveling with kids.

To shut out other passengers’ reading lights and TV screens when you’re ready to rest, an eye mask is essential. Many airlines no longer provide them even on international flights, so be sure to bring your own. This adorable bear one from H&M (¥999) is made of a plush fabric that will soothe tired eyes, and this set by Milesto in a Liberty fabric (¥4,860) also includes an inflatable neck pillow and matching storage pouch.


Now that you’re dressed for jet setting and have all your accessories in order, be sure to also prep for your travel beauty routine. Happy trails!


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