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Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club

Igniting the Sparks of Tomorrow

By The Savvy Team
December 5, 2023
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It's one thing to anticipate the future; it's another to actively shape it.

In today’s digital age, coding is as crucial for kids as reading and writing. It’s not just about future job prospects, it’s about equipping them with a range of skills for growth and development. This is where Tokyo Coding Club steps in, offering free monthly coding workshops for young minds aged five to 13. Reserve a spot for your child now and watch them thrive in the world of coding.

Now, let’s explore five compelling reasons why learning to code is essential for the intellectual development of young minds.

1. Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

Have you ever watched a child break down a complex puzzle into smaller, more manageable pieces? That’s what coding teaches. It’s a skill that’s increasingly valued in our fast-paced, adaptable world. Coding helps children visualize and solve abstract problems, developing resilience and a growth mindset along the way. Think about how satisfying it is to solve a difficult problem—that’s the kind of confidence boost coding provides. And this skill isn’t confined to online, it’s essential for real-world problem-solving too.

2. Builds Creativity

Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

Think coding is all about numbers and logic? Think again! It’s actually a fantastic canvas for creativity. Through coding, children bring their wildest ideas to life. Whether it’s making a game, creating an interactive story or inventing something entirely new, coding is the magic wand. It nudges kids to think outside the box, leading to innovative and often surprising solutions. The world has already seen some incredible creations born from coding, and it’s just the beginning. Imagine what your child could create—the possibilities are endless and exciting!

3. Prepares for Future Job Market

Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

In our tech-centric world, coding is more than just a skill—it’s a necessity. Early exposure to coding equips children for a future where these skills are invaluable across various sectors. It’s not just about tech industries; coding skills are crucial in fields as diverse as healthcare and finance. Coding education turns children into not just users but innovators in the digital landscape. Can you imagine the edge your child will have in their career with these skills?

4. Develops Computational Thinking

Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

Ever wonder how we solve problems step by step? That’s what computational thinking is all about. It’s like putting together a puzzle, where each piece is an instruction that leads to a solution. Coding teaches kids this process—how to line up their ideas logically and see the effects of their actions. It’s more than just code, it’s about understanding the patterns and processes that make our digital world tick. This kind of thinking is super useful, not just on a computer screen but in everyday life too.

5. It’s fun!

Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

Have you ever seen a child’s eyes light up when they create something truly their own? That’s the joy of coding. It’s not just about typing commands; it’s about bringing vibrant ideas into reality. Can you imagine your child designing their own video games or bringing animated stories to life? Coding makes this possible, offering endless avenues for fun and creativity. Each coding project becomes an exciting adventure, merging play with learning. It’s a unique space where imagination knows no bounds, igniting a spark of discovery and innovation in every child.

No-Cost Tech Magic: Where Dreams Start

Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

So you’ve decided that you’d like to introduce your child to coding, but what’s next? The free workshops offered by Tokyo Coding Club (TCC), are the perfect springboard. Each month, TCC opens its doors for free workshops covering a variety of tech topics, including Scratch, Python and Minecraft.

These workshops are tailor-made for youngsters between five and 13 years old and come at absolutely no cost. But it’s not just about learning the basics of coding. Conducted in English, these sessions are interactive, fun and designed to spark a love for technology in young minds. They’re the perfect place for beginners to dip their toes in the digital world and for those with some experience to stretch their coding muscles.

A Workshop Experience Like No Other

  • Hands-On Learning: Tokyo Coding Club believes in the principle of ‘learning by doing.’ Children engage in interactive coding exercises that yield immediate and visible results.
  • Expert Guidance: Each workshop features mentors with industry experience, offering real-world insights that can set young learners on a path to excellence.
  • Flexibility: Whether a child attends just one workshop or joins a regular class, each session adds a building block toward coding mastery.

Beyond Workshops: A Universe of Possibilities

Free Monthly Coding Workshops at Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

Imagine a place where kids who love our workshops can dive even deeper into the tech world. That’s exactly what Tokyo Coding Club offers. There’s a whole world of group classes covering exciting stuff like robotics and game design. And for kids who prefer a more personal touch, there are private lessons too. This comprehensive ecosystem is designed to transform an initial spark of curiosity into a lifelong pursuit of technological passion.

A Message from the Director, Chris Sickinger

“I’ve had the privilege to see hundreds of students come through Tokyo Coding Club, and they usually fall into one of two groups. The first is filled with kids who take a class or two, gain useful and transferable skills, and then maybe move on to a different hobby. The second group is a little less populated, but it’s these students that I see catch lightning in a bottle and do some incredible things with their new knowledge: app development, writing useful software they can actually sell, and even publishing research in academic journals. These are all things our students have accomplished after identifying technology as a passion. Our events are a great place to test the waters and see if tech is something your child is interested in.”

Don’t Miss Out!

For parents keen to give their children an advantage in our technology-rich world, securing a place in one of Tokyo Coding Club’s forthcoming workshops is the perfect first step. To reserve a spot visit Tokyo Coding Club’s website.

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