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Tokyo Coding Club: Empowering Kids with Cutting-Edge Coding and Robotics Classes

Pioneering The Future Of Education, One Line Of Code At A Time

By The Savvy Team
August 10, 2023
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Tokyo Coding Club isn't just a place of learning; it's a thriving tech community where students unite to learn, innovate and forge lasting friendships.

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Tokyo Coding Club (TCC) is a cutting-edge educational hub redefining how the next generation grasps and leverages technology. More than just an after-school club, TCC serves as a vibrant incubator for tomorrow’s tech pioneers.

Offering a unique blend of fun and learning, Tokyo Coding Club provides an opportunity for students to explore and master some of the most in-demand tech skills of today. Let’s delve deeper into the dynamic group classes TCC is launching this autumn. See the class schedule here.


These classes enable students to experience the marvel of engineering first-hand. From building and designing robots to coding them for intricate tasks, students gain a comprehensive understanding of both mechanical engineering and software development. As they progress, students are equipped with the ability to navigate complex robotic landscapes, forming a solid foundation for their future in the tech industry.


Tokyo Coding Club: Cultivating Future Innovators with Immersive Group Classes in Coding and Robotics© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

This course offers an engaging initiation to the world of programming. Scratch serves as a canvas for young minds to animate their ideas and design their interactive stories and games. By the end of the course, students will have an impressive portfolio of projects, demonstrating their adept understanding of fundamental programming concepts and creative prowess.


Through this course, students explore the exhilarating domain of game development and app creation. They’ll gain insights into the creation of popular games and useful applications. By the end of the course, students will have developed their own mini-projects and games and command a robust understanding of a language widely sought-after in the tech world.


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TCC leverages the universal appeal of Minecraft to impart critical engineering and programming concepts. From learning architectural engineering using Redstone to scripting with command blocks and finally creating their own Minecraft mods, students transition from players to creators, gaining a valuable understanding of engineering and programming.

Game Design with Roblox, Unreal Engine and Unity

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This course is a treasure trove for aspiring game developers. Students will immerse themselves in the mechanics of game design using platforms behind popular games like Pokémon Go, Fortnite and Among Us. By the end of this journey, students will have transformed their own ideas into tangible games using professional tools.

Machine Learning and AI

This course propels students into one of the most fascinating and influential realms of modern technology. Students will experiment with algorithms and models, creating systems that learn from data, make predictions and mimic human intelligence. By course completion, students will have transcended from understanding AI to creating it.

Digital Design and Video Production

Tokyo Coding Club© Photo by Tokyo Coding Club

For those with an inclination towards visual arts, TCC’s courses transform students from hobbyists to accomplished digital artists and filmmakers. They will design graphics, animate characters, and even create their own short films, thereby developing practical skills while expressing their creativity.

Leading these classes is TCC’s dedicated team of tutors—seasoned professionals who are motivated not just to educate but to inspire a lifelong affinity for technology in their students.

As TCC gears up to roll out its diverse selection of group classes this autumn, parents keen on equipping their children for a technologically proficient future should explore these captivating, innovative after-school activities.

Tokyo Coding Club is offering a wide range of group classes this fall for students looking for fun and educational after-school activities. Check out their group class schedule for more information.

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