Transform Your Child Over The Summer From An Internet Consumer To A Digital Creator

Tokyo Coding Club Will Unleash Your Child’s Creativity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Instead of gaming, let your kids learn to program them. Instead of watching YouTube videos, they can learn to make them. Instead of just playing with toys, they can learn about robotics and what makes them tick—all with the Tokyo Coding Club.

The internet has changed the entire landscape of essential skills students will need to have in order to thrive in the future. The Tokyo Coding Club (TCC) is a year-round after-school and weekend program that serves as a platform for aspiring young engineers and designers (aged 7-18) to study key skills for future employment.

Tokyo Coding Club

The club aims for students to unleash their passion and creativity through computer science and the new world of digital arts, allowing them to realize that they too can be a part of creating the modern world.

Inter-school hackathon

Together with Youth Who Code Japan, Tokyo Coding Club also aims to reach out to underrepresented communities, empowering them with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills and helping to bridge the gender gap long inherent in STEM roles. Tokyo Coding Club recently held a inter-school hackathon 2021 that included students from: 

  1. American School in Japan
  2. British School in Tokyo
  3. St. Mary’s International School
  4. Indian International School in Japan 

More than 350 participants were shown how to solve coronavirus pandemic-related themes using computer programs and codes. 

Afterschool STEM

TCC offers a variety of courses that include coding, robotics, game development, design, animations and more. For younger students, they incorporate fun and comprehensible gaming platforms for their coding classes—and Lego sets in their robotics classes—to make the learning experience fun and interactive. 

Tokyo Coding Club

Professionals work side-by-side with younger students to realize their passion and interest in STEM subjects. For their students, digital literacy is just a myth but the know-how of creating technologies is the future. Focusing on the practicality of the knowledge that students acquire is what makes TCC unique and different from other schools. 

The teaching team at TCC desires to reach out to younger students and make them realize that STEM is not just for nerds, but for the ones who want to change the world.

Summer coding boot camps

Tokyo Coding Club recently launched a six-day, five-night summer camp for children aged 7 to 18. They will be providing overnight camps in and outside of Tokyo by partnering with hotels in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture and Myoko, Niigata Prefecture to offer STEM classes (programming, robotics, design,  animation and video editing) combined with outdoor activities.

Tokyo Coding Club

Lessons and activities will be conducted in English by professional instructors. Students will have the opportunity to push past the boundaries of school, finding partners and bonding over the latest tech.This isn’t just a normal STEM camp, it’s an experience unlike any other.

Tokyo Coding Club

Led by expert and professional instructors, students will experience “Eureka” moments, accomplish achievements that will make them proud and overcome challenges that will help them develop self-esteem. With each line of code improved, each video game produced and every obstacle surmounted, attendees will build skills to forge a bright future.

The Deets

Tokyo Coding Club Summer Camp 2021
Prices: From ¥186,000
Duration: 6 Days 5 Nights
When: From June to September 2021

  • Shakespeare Hotel, Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture
  • Lotte Arai Resort, Myoko, Niigata Prefecture
  • Tokyo Summer STEM & Digital Creatives Camp

Tokyo Coding Club
Prices: ¥4,000 per hour (STEM After School Program), ¥8,000 per hour (group lessons with 3 people max), ¥12,000 per hour (private lessons)
Address: Sunlit Nishiazabu SD Bldg. 3F, 3-24-16, Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Customer Service Hours: Everyday by appointment from 11 a.m.- 7 p.m. (excludes public holidays)
Phone: 03-4510-6178

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