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This Japanese Instagram User Turns Sunny Side Ups Into Art

No Breakfast Has Ever Been This EggCiting

This Insta user is hatching a great breakfast plan.

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of your day, so adding a bit of spice (ahem, art) into it can only make your mornings slightly more positive, playful — and who knows, even happier.

At least this is how things are for Japanese Instagram user Osayo, whose impromptu food art skills are currently winning her rising popularity among domestic SNS users and the media. Osayo isn’t an artist per se, but you can still refer to her as one. The way we see her though is more as a — how do you call it? — a humorous, fun-to-be around lady who loves making a gig out of her ordinary breakfast and uses failures as opportunities.

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Her egg art, now popular in Japan as medamayaki a-to (sunny side up art), is produced of two main components — fried eggs and seaweed. She uses tools to cut out the seaweed from her local 100 yen shop. The rest is inspiration, which, according to Japanese media, she gets only after she sees the final product in her frying pan.

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The coolest thing, however, is that her medamayaki art started from a simple failure — the egg looked weird, a bit out of shape — and she decided to go ahead and decorate it with seaweed. Her son and husband started laughing and one thing led to another, she kept doing it almost everyday. Since then, she’s managed to make sunny side ups inspired by popular Japanese characters, TV personalities, trends in Japan and everyday happenings at home.

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Now an owner of an Instagram account that is steadily growing in popularity, Osayo is also a model for a popular Japanese women’s magazine, called “Sankyu!”. And over the past week only she has appeared in at least two shows on the Japanese TV, enjoying sharing her ideas for uplifted mornings with fellow breakfast makers in Japan.

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So, if you’re up for making your own version of Osayo’s egg art, send us a photo along through Instagram with a hashtag #savvyeggart for a chance to be featured on the site. Stay on the sunny side up! Xx

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