Japan’s First Organic Lifestyle Expo

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By The Savvy Team
November 9, 2016

Taste, nurture, wear, care, heal, live, protect and revive a true organic lifestyle at this upcoming trade show - the first of its kind in Japan.

Ever since the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) announced in February 2016 that the world has entered a new organic development phase — dubbed Organic 3.0 — we’ve been tapping the floor impatiently, ready to get down to business. Yes, we’re no longer talking about just gaining and spreading knowledge, we’re talking about implementing it in every aspect of our daily lives — from the food we eat to the clothes we wear to that cheek powder we put on our faces.

A groundbreaking event in line with these new development principles is the upcoming Organic Lifestyle Expo (OLE), to be held at Tokyo International Forum on November 18 and 19. This massive trade show connects organic producers and distributors with consumers and other stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of promoting organic sustainability.

This massive trade show connects organic producers and distributors with consumers and other stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of promoting organic sustainability.

Organized by the Organic Forum Japan in cooperation with the Japanese government and the prominent organic organizations; Food Trust Project, Global Organic Network and Lohas World, OLE covers a wide range of products and necessities for daily life, including food and beverages, body care, ethical organic cosmetics, textiles, household goods and much more. Visitors can also learn about the new organic movement and gather information through seminars, events and display booths.

Divided into eight categories, OLE covers all aspects of our daily lives and invites representatives of well-known Japanese and international pioneers and brands in the organic market.



Visitors can learn about and taste the latest food products on the organic market, including fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, processed food and beverages, and alcohol. Cooking and kitchen utensils will also be displayed.


This section will introduce various products related to gardening and childcare, such as seeds, planters, foliage plants and equipment, additive-free baby food, baby care, tableware, toys, bedding and childcare goods, dietary products, maternity products, pet food, supplies and services.


Apparel, fashion accessories and related brands will be displaying organic textiles and various ethical and miscellaneous goods.


The idea is that you wouldn’t put anything on your face and body that you wouldn’t eat. Find plenty of organic makeup and skincare products, body and hair products, hand creams, oral care products and more in this category.


Learn about various alternative medicine options, self-care and wellness, including organic aroma, yoga, exercise options and therapy, homeopathy, ayurveda — and plenty of organic teas.  


Did you know that the concept of a true organic lifestyle spreads as far as the table you eat on and the chairs you sit in? Find furniture, housing and cleaning products, washing supplies, energy saving devices, DIY, bedding and massage goods and much more.


Learn from experts about ways we can protect the environment and revitalize rural areas using organic sustainability.



This section introduces ideas for urban planning and rural revitalization through projects such as green buildings, eco-offices and roof greening. Visitors will also hear about projects related to the Tokyo Olympics and athletes’ villages.


If you’ve ever considered becoming a Bio Analyst or Vegetable and Fruit Meister, you’ll find plenty of information on training courses about natural and organic topics here.


OLE organizers have also set up information counters and booths that let you search for various information on topics such as restaurants, stores, brands and websites concerning organic lifestyle.

So, if you’re into organic lifestyle or are simply looking to gain more knowledge on the topic and improve your health regimes, visit this event. You’ll find a lot more than you expect!

The Deets

1st Organic Forum JAPAN and Organic Lifestyle Expo
Date: Friday, November 18 to Saturday, November 19, 2016
Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue: Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Hall 1 (ground floor) and outdoor space
Access: Yurakucho station
Admission: ¥1,000. Free with pre-registration by Nov. 15 


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