Japan’s ‘Shocking Images Of Parenting’ Twitter Trend Will Leave You Crying With Laughter

#IkujiShogekiGazo Shows That Kids Are Evil Geniuses Across The Globe

By The Savvy Team
April 18, 2019
Families, Trending Now

They come in our lives and turn it upside down. Sometimes literally.

Parents across the globe unanimously agree on two things: that having children is the best thing that’s ever happened to them, and that kids have the unexplained supernatural power to drive any adult insane. They’re adorable, cute as hell and can brighten up your day instantly — until the next thing you know is that they’ve turned the house upside down and you can’t even start figuring out how this creature could have come from you. Yes, parenting is a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs, of pulling your hair one minute and crying happy tears of how full of love you are. Yes, even in the land of politeness we call Japan!

And sometimes, just sometimes, the best thing you can do is turn the whole thing into a joke. Or a hashtag. #IkujiShogekiGazo (#育児衝撃画像, Shocking images of parenting) on Japan’s Twitter is exactly this: a virtual museum of real-life parenting situations that will make you both laugh and cry. Here are our best picks … so far.

Hey, papa!

She’s nine months old and she already knows who runs the world. Caption reads: “Our 9-month-old showing her dad the middle finger.”

While you were sleeping

This young father hasn’t been sleeping well these days… for a reason: his baby is building puzzle blocks inside his mouth every time he falls asleep. Lesson: If you have kids, you better get ready to keep your eyes open ALL THE TIME.

The comfort of a cat

Priorities when choosing a pet: cuteness, the look in their eyes, the connection you feel, child weight endurance…

She’s got the look

They know the best “insta-bae” spots in town…

All dressed up

“I seriously shouted out loud (when I saw this). My daughter, 5yo at the time, dressed up her doll as a ‘blue demon’.” #RingContinued

This awesome view outside

“Great view!” This mom’s positive tweet after her kids tore the shoji (Japanese paper sliding door) apart deserves a medal.

What goes around comes around

Turn the lights on

So he got scolded for cutting his own hair and putting his dad’s smartphone in his diaper as a sign of regret seemed like the next best thing he could think of…

For a smoother sleep

“The Nivea accident.”

I see you

I see you too. Loud and clear.

I like them dry

Gummy bears are like raisins… the drier they are … wait, what?!

This ‘snowman’

We’re not sure if it’s the kid or the teachers at the nursery that’s responsible for this creative sculpture. But it’s a snowman. IT IS!

 The sole survivor

We’ve all seen this at some point, haven’t we?

Medium rare, please

“I feel relieved having discovered #ShockingImagesOfParenting. Now I know we’re not alone…,” mom says. 😅

No, you just don’t

We pray to all gods out there that one day she’ll realize this is not okay…

Oh, dear lord…

It’s just a girl trying to take her stockings off, relax…

Playin’ penguins

What a fun game it is… pouring water on the floor and pretending we can swim!!!

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