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Japan’s Valentine Obento On Instagram Have Officially Stolen Our Hearts

If love had a shape, it would've been a #ValentineBento

By The Savvy Team
February 14, 2019
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Roses are red, violets are blue, and these bentos may one day be made for you, too!

You haven’t heard it elsewhere, but we’re pronouncing it official: Obento is the new chocolate. While shops and restaurants are going crazy over what chocolates and special dinner plans to offer to impress their customers, we’ve been noticing another rather silent trend that’s gradually been picking up on social media: the handmade Valentine’s Day obento (packed lunches) that women across the archipelago are now making for their husbands, partners — and quite often children, too.

As of today, there are over 5.4k uploads with the hashtag #バレンタイン弁当 (valentine bento) on Instagram and they not only look incredibly delicious, but we’re just absolutely awed at the skills and creativity demonstrated in these works of art. Here they are, take a look for yourself!

1. This unconditional love in a box


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A post shared by 知里 (@chisato_k0225) on

Instagram user @chisato_k0225 says she woke up today at 4:30 a.m. to make her husband’s lunch, a gorgeously decorated chirashizushi-inspired obento. The hearts, in case you’re wondering, are made of pickled daikon and ham and we can’t help but feel so touched imagining all the love that’s wrapped up in this tiny box. #Ah-mazing

2. Kiss me baby one more time


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A post shared by nami (@s_wave3) on

This incredible food art made by @s_wave3 is inspired by common romantic scenes in films, she says, while adding that at her age there’s nothing really exciting going on any longer. If we could make even half of what she’s done here, we can proudly say it’d be a life well lived.

3. Not your ordinary eggs 


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A post shared by DELISH KITCHEN – デリッシュキッチン (@delishkitchen.tv) on

Cooking site @delishkitchen.tv is teaching us how to make heart-shaped omelets, because having just a regular one on Valentine’s Day is plain boring.

4. No, please don’t blame yourself 


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A post shared by しあん(お弁当専用) (@kinakobun.bento) on

User @kinakobun.bento spent so much time decorating the seaweed and rice that she didn’t have enough time to decorate the meatballs and salad, she says, but who can really complain?!

5. From me with love


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A post shared by ikura_chan (@ikura888) on

Some people say that obento making is all about showing off, but user @ikura888 elegantly brushes off these rumors and says she’s prepared one lunch for her hubby and one for her junior-high-old son… who’ll be staying at home today. Each comes with an edible love letter, one says “wife” and the other “mom.”

6. Where do you start?


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A post shared by ◇◆◇ Eri ◇◆◇ (@erriii_1125) on

Mom @erriii_1125 managed to carve Valentine’s bunny into an apple and make an obento full of hearts and love for her daughter and son. The only thing we’re wondering is where the heck do you start from…and how do you eat something so beautiful?!

7. Too cheesy? Not even a bit!


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A post shared by 🐚 HIROKO🌊 (@buhi.buhi.hirorin.12.29) on

User @buhi.buhi.hirorin.12.29 doesn’t reveal who she’s made this form, but whoever it is — he or she is one lucky human being!

8. All his favorites


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A post shared by うめ (@ume_ribbon_cafe) on

Wife @ume_ribbon_cafe says she’s packed this Valentine’s bento for her husband with all his favorite bits and bites: some nikumaki (meat onigiri), some carrots, some cucumbers… and a special bonus of mendiant chocolates too!

9. Great expectations


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A post shared by あきっちん☆ (@akitchen.n) on

User @akitchen.n isn’t in for nothing: she’s looking forward to White Day expecting some equal treatment from her family. The lucky receivers of these saucy hamburger lunches are her husband — who also happens to be born on V-Day, and her daughter — who rushed to school with a bag of chocolates! #HappyFamily sums it up.

10. Yummy mommy 


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A post shared by ゆう (@yvyvyv) on

Mama @yvyvyv makes a café-style Valentine bento with extra heart-shaped wieners, macaroni gratin and adorably wrapped onigiri decorated with heart-shaped ham for her son. May her son be always blessed with this much love in his life!

Did you make your loved ones a special bento this Valentine’s Day? If so, don’t be shy and tag us @savvytokyo or #savvytokyo !

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