Kanji Cheat Sheet: Washers and Dryers

By Elisabeth Lambert
January 29, 2014

Know the right buttons!

Whether you have a separate washing machine and dryer, a combined unit, or just a washer, these appliances can be difficult to master in Japan, where the controls are almost always in Japanese only. To ease frustration and help you get your laundry done right in no time, check out the following list of characters that are commonly found on these machines.

washing machines

Washing Machine and Dryer Kanji and Kana

洗剤     detergent

漂白剤     bleach

柔軟剤     fabric softener

洗濯コース     washing course

標準     standard

お急ぎ     fast

毛布 / もうふ     heavy (blankets/linen)

手洗い / 念入り     gentle wash

わが家流     personalized settings

洗濯  / 洗い / あらい     wash

すすぎ     rinse

排水     drain

脱水     spin dry

一時停止 / いちじていし     pause

冷水     cold water

温水     warm water

水量     water volume

水位     water level

給水     water supply

洗濯のみ     wash only

乾燥のみ     dry only

洗・乾切替     to switch between washing/drying

洗濯~乾燥連続運転     continuous wash to dry operation

乾燥     dry

室内干し     indoor drying / hanging clothes inside

ソフト温風     soft warm air

送風     cool air

高温     hot/high temperature

控えめ     low temperature/controlled drying

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