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By Chanyn Kirtman
November 2, 2015

If you’ve spent time researching international preschools, it is likely that you have come across KSpace at some point. Located on a quiet street in Shirokanedai, the five-story campus radiates energy the moment you walk through its gated doors. With a strong emphasis on arts, the children’s center greets you with bright, primary-colored walls alongside students' three-dimensional artwork, creating a very engaging and stimulating atmosphere.

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In addition to its international preschool program, K-Space also offers parent and child classes for infants to age four. I recently went along with my eight-month-old to the KSpace baby class. Immediately he was drawn to the large drum in the center of the room. We all gathered around as the class commenced with a welcome song and an introduction to the K-space mascot, Kokomo. Teacher Jay sang nursery songs with high animation, engaging every baby in the room. To keep the momentum going, we moved from the drum to watch a puppet show. Jay introduced each puppet while singing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” as we sat on the mats and watched. The show was short and sweet, which was appropriate for the minimal attention span of babies. When free play began, all the babies enjoyed banging on instruments and rolling textured balls, and they especially loved the “bubble party.” The class is a high sensory experience up until the very end, when we parents took turns running under the parachute with the babies in our arms.


Jay used theatrics, music and arts to foster social and emotional development while encouraging us all to enjoy the class together with our babies. My son was stimulated by all the colors and music, and was free to roam in a safe environment. We enjoyed the class and look forward to joining again.

KSpace also offers theme-based activities and classes for babies, toddlers and pre-kindergarten aged children throughout the week. Check out the details below.

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KSpace Baby

(ages 3–14 months)

KSpace baby is a music, play and sensory class targeted at infants from three months old to crawlers or new standers. Teachers lead songs with high animation and props such as an acoustic guitar, puppets and scarves to keep the babies’ attention and focus. Free play with mirrored mats, balls, instruments and various textures aids in the development of motor skills, as well as encouraging mobility. The theme-based class is a high sensory experience for the child and caregiver to enjoy.

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K-Space Toddler

(ages 12–26 months)

The KSpace toddler class is offered for toddlers who are able to stand and walkers. The class encompasses games and activities to promote concepts such as sharing, cooperation and formative language. Puppets, bubbles and parachutes are used throughout the class, bringing the music to life and keeping the child engaged and enthusiastic. Obstacle courses and mystery box games keep the kids active, yet in a safe and secure environment.

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K-Space Junior

(ages 1.5–4 years)

KSpace junior classes focus specifically on building skill sets, such as social interactions and English language abilities. Various workshops are rotated through out the weeks to keep the children intrigued. Examples include mini art projects, cooking lessons, music and puppets to encourage reading, and even making their own movie. A two-hour kindergarten prep class called Little Bugs mimics a day of school including phonics, vocabulary, art projects and snack time.

KSpace is a great community to meet other parents or caregivers and stimulate your child at the same time.

The Deets

Address: 5-13-39 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku

Tel: 03-3446-3478

Class times: To view the class schedule and other detailed information, check out KSpace’s official website.

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