Stitch Encounter, Tokyo Disneyland’s Newest Attraction

By Jody Pang
July 30, 2015

Take your kids to interact with Disney's most mischievous character at the latest Tokyo Disneyland attraction, Stitch Encounter. This newly opened indoor theater-style attraction lets your kids chat with Stitch, just like the popular Turtle Talk with Crush attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. Through the big screen, Stitch communicates with you from his spacecraft, in real time.

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Located in the Stitch Monitoring Station in Tomorrowland, this attraction entertains 160 guests for 12 minutes per show. Stitch will randomly pick guests, both adults and children, to have a chat with. Unlike the well-received version in Hong Kong, which is offered in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, the Tokyo version is unfortunately only available in Japanese. That being said, Stitch speaks in everyday conversational Japanese, so many of us living in Japan should be able to get by. Controlled by a cast member behind the scenes, the fully animated Stitch shows real-time facial expressions, dances, and sings along with his ukelele. With his playful character, you can get ready for jokes, fun surprises, and a lot of laughter.

With every new attraction, of course there are new souvenir products. At Treasure Comet, you can find Stitch sunglasses for ¥2,000. Shaped like Stitch’s eyes with his nose in between, these sunglasses are great for all ages. Another option is the wearable head towel for ¥1,600. It’s essentially a hood made from a towel, which makes a good shade for your neck. Although dressing up may seem a bit pricey, it can make the day much more memorable for kids, as well as adults for that matter.

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Stitch has also brought a new snack menu to satisfy his friends. For lunch, you can try the Hawaiian inspired pineapple and avocado beef patty sandwich (¥600) at Tomorrowland Terrace. For dessert, you can share a cute cup of cream-filled scrump manju (¥400) at Space Place Court. Every cup comes with three flavors: mango, banana, and purple yam. Before lining up for your next attraction, I also recommend visiting the popcorn wagon near Treasure Comet to pick up a Stitch-shaped bucket of popcorn (¥2,100). This is a great way to keep your kids fed and entertained during the wait.

Aside from his own attraction, Stitch has also invaded Tokyo Disneyland’s monorail, calling it the Stitch Encounter Liner. Be sure to have your camera ready, as you will find new picture opportunities inside the train. This Stitch magic on the train will last until Christmas Day.

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Enjoy your magical adventures!

The Deets

Tickets: Admission to Tokyo Disneyland is ¥6,900 for adults, ¥6,000 for children aged 12 to 17, and ¥4,500 for those aged 4 to 11. Discounts are available for two-, three- and four-day passes, as well as those for admission after a certain time. For more details click here. Tickets are available at the gate, or can be reserved online here.

Getting there: For directions to the park via public transportation or by car, please click here.

Open: Park opening times vary, so please check the calendar for details.


Images courtesy of Disney.

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