Qlocktwo Timepieces Come to Tokyo

By Kelly Wetherille
December 4, 2013

Qlocktwo, an award-winning series of clocks and watches, has made its first entry into the Japanese market. While digital clocks were originally designed to make telling the time easier by eliminating hands and dials, these stylish German timepieces have also done away with numbers. The brand's catchphrase of "time in words" makes the concept behind the series clear, and combining it with a chic, timeless design results in some very cool modern clocks that speak the time using no sound at all.

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Qlocktwo clocks consist of a square panel that, when lit from behind, announces the time by using such phrases as, “It is half past eight.” The words change in five-minute increments, and the exact minutes are displayed using four small corner points.

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Three sizes of clocks are available, as well as a wristwatch. The Qlocktwo Touch is perfectly sized for use atop a desk or bedside table, as it automatically adjusts the brightness to match the ambient lighting, and also includes an alarm function. Wall-sized clocks come in the classic 45 centimeter size, as well as a large 90 cm size. Depending on the size, various colors and finishes are available, including bright red, green, blue and purple or cool black and even stainless steel.

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The wristwatches, which come in black and white, light up to display the time with the press of a button. Additional pushes of the same button show the calendar date and the seconds. The watches are so unique and completely different from anything else out there, that they’re sure to be excellent conversation starters no matter what company you’re in.

Qlocktwo products will soon be available at various retailers in Japan, but they can also be ordered direct from the distributor by using the contact information on this page.

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