Savvy Tokyo Sakura Photo Contest 2019: Our Top 10 Photos

Sakura With The Family

By The Savvy Team
April 30, 2019
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And the prize goes to...

So much love. So much warmth. So much happiness.

Every year we are simply amazed at the immense talent and creativity that we see in all photos submitted for our annual #SavvySakura photo contest. This year, however, the contest theme was “Sakura with the family” and we couldn’t help but be deeply touched by the love that sparkled through every post we received. From photos of precious babies having their very first hanami to maternity photography under the pink canopy to a casual picnic in the park with your partners to family reunions under the cherry blossom trees and, of course, adorable pets lost in the pink petals…we couldn’t help but smile as we were looking through the photos.

This year, once again we received over 300 submissions via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed — you certainly made it extremely difficult to narrow this list down to 10. Every photo submitted for this contest had a creative story behind it that reminded us once again that more than just the natural beauty of the sakura season, it’s spending it with your nearest and dearest that makes it so special!

So here they are, our grand winners, from No. 10 to No. 1. The lucky No. 1 gets our amazing prize — a family-sized picnic basket filled with various sakura-inspired goodies, plus a few extras.

And for those who didn’t win this time — stay tuned for more contests coming up very soon!! Thank you all! #SavvySakura2019

10. “Half-way there”

The story: This adorable young family celebrates their child’s half-birthday under the fully blooming cherry trees.
Why we chose it: For its perfect composition, for the lovely setting, the story behind and this purely irresistible smile!  
Photo: By Instagram user @bitoypalaboy. Taken in Zama, Kanagawa on 7 Apr 2019.

9. “Joy”

The story: This beautiful couple is taking maternity photos right before their little ones arrive — and right when the sakura was in full bloom! 
Why we chose it? The caption read, “The Joy we have to be able to meet our twins soon is grand!” and we just couldn’t help but literally feel the pure excitement and joy this couple felt at the time this photo was taken. 
Photo: By Facebook user Samantha Jenkins. Taken at Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture on April 1st, 2019.

8. “Baby’s first Hanami”

The story: The parents of this little princess took her to the park and made sure she has nothing missing for her very first hanami party. 
Why we chose it? It simply has it all: a gorgeous model, a city landmark at the back, a basket full of goodies for the perfect hanami…we felt the love!!!
Photo: By Janine Agulto. Taken at Shioiri, Minami Senju, Tokyo on April 3, 2019. 

7. “Blooms and Birds”

The story: A father and son follow the pigeons along a path lined with Sakura trees.
Why we chose it?
We simply fell in love with this one. The carefree baby, the slightly concerned father, the pigeon leading their way and the stunning sakura in the background just all came together to form the perfect father and son shot! 
By Erica Hurlburt. Taken in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture on April 1, 2019. 

6. “With grace in her heart and flowers in her hair… 🌸”

The story: This Instagram user was passing through Naka Meguro and noticed these lovely two cats getting cozy under the blooming sakura trees. 
Why we chose it? We’re biased. Savvy Tokyo loves cats. But also for the beautiful setting and the gentle reminder that family can mean so many things to different people. 
Photo: By Instagram user @saraleppala Taken in Naka Meguro, Tokyo on April 5, 2019.

5. “Searching at Sunrise”

The story: These two cute brothers were playing together along the river at sunrise when our photographer thought this would be the perfect moment to hit the shutter. The result: a stunning shot! 
Why we chose it? For how natural this setting felt, for the perfect composition and colors and for the high photo quality. 
Photo: By Erica Hurlburt. Photo taken at Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture on April 7, 2019.

4. “Family session under the sakura 🌸💛”


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Family session under the sakuras 🌸💛. . Sessão de fotos em família sob as sakuras 🌸💛.

A post shared by Bruna Luise (@bruna_luise) on

The story: This family of five had a quick photo session while enjoying the sakura in Tokyo. 
Why we chose it? We loved the composition, the beautiful children smiles and the perfectly matching pink clothes! 
Photo: By Instagram user @bruna_luise Photo taken at Tokyo Midtown on April 3, 2019.

3. “Siblings Among Sakura”

The story: These two siblings, children of a military family stationed in Iwakuni, were playing under the sakura blossoms when this beautiful photo was taken. 
Why we chose it? It perfectly matches the contest theme, the setting can’t get any cuter, the colors match perfectly … and we just fell in love with it! 
Photo: By Erica Hurlburt. Photo taken in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture on April 1, 2019. 

2. “Can you always be this size forever?”

The story: This mother and daughter stopped by for a photo along the Yodogawa River while on a trip in the Kansai region. 
Why we chose it? The title said it all… isn’t this every parent’s greatest wish? 
Photo: By Instagram user @arisa_chow. Photo taken at Yodogawa Kasen Park in Osaka on April 17, 2019.

And our grand winner is …

The story: This father was helping his son reach the blooming flowers while the family was enjoying hanami at the park. 
Why we chose it? This photo was so natural, so simple and yet so deeply touching… we could feel the pure family love in every side of it: the father helping his curious child reach the flowers, the mother taking the photo of her two men and the family submitting this photo for our contest with the title “Reach for the stars.” Little one, may you always aim high in your life! 
Photo: By Facebook user Pooja Kankaria Kochar. Taken at Sakurazaka Park in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on April 7, 2019.

You can view all photos submitted for this contest on Instagram here.

What is your favorite photo of the 10? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Note: The person who submitted the No.1 winning photo will be contacted directly to be awarded their prize. If for any reason they are unable to claim their prize or do not respond to our email within one week, Savvy Tokyo reserves the right to award the prize to anyone else on this list. 

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