Smart Aging: 4 Ways Tengenji Solaria Clinic Makes This Possible

A Place That Helps Your Reflect On Your Internal And External Beauty Alike

What this medical clinic in central Tokyo is doing to help you age in style and stay educated about your body needs and rejuvenation opportunities.

Aging is not something we can — or for that matter, should — prevent. Getting old is an essential part of our evolution and it comes with its benefits: wisdom, knowledge and respect (as our mamas promised us back in the days).

But aging is something that we can actually enjoy doing. Maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, leading a stress-free life as much as we can, and occasionally visiting a trusted specialist to support us in the process (without promising us miracles and without persuading us to go under the knife), are all approaches we can take to ensure that while we’re aging, we’re having a good time doing it.

For the past two and a half years since its opening, Tengenji Solaria Clinic, an anti-aging and beauty specialized clinic based in Hiroo, has been that kind of place for a growing number of Tokyoites (expats included). Upon a recent visit, we discovered what makes this clinic popular and why it stands out from the competition. Here are our top four reasons why.

1. One for you: Customized treatments

Most beauty clinics go by the motto “one (treatment) for all, all for one” by offering a preset menu and persuading you that that’s good for you, because the experts say so. Fair enough, we can trust them, but can you remember the last time you had a beauty treatment and you actually knew what was done to you? Or why it was good for your skin, body and health?

First-time visitors to Tengenji Solaria Clinic start with a face-to-face health consultation and check-ups to determine what their needs are. This includes a full skin analysis, which covers over 40 categories to determine the treatment course that your skin needs. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and goes deep into your most hidden secrets, including your pores’ condition, blackheads, skin texture and elasticity, discoloration, sub-surface skin details, fine lines and wrinkles (visible and not so), freckles and slack threats.

Tengenji Solaria Clinic’s director Toshie Matsumiya during a skin analysis performed to first-time visitors at the clinic.

Based on the result, the doctors recommend a customized treatment that tackles areas you need most support in — and excludes those that you don’t need to spend money or time on. The clinic also offers a blood test which further analyzes your health condition and checks the types of vitamins and minerals your body lacks. Meanwhile, you are guided through the process by being given a proper explanation (in English, too, if you need it) of why a certain treatment is recommended and what it will do to affect your beauty regimen and health care.

Aging is something that we can actually enjoy doing.

During our trial treatment, a member of the Savvy team (a woman in her early 30s who likes to think that aging isn’t an issue for her yet) was shocked to find out that she not only was a victim of extreme physical fatigue and skin dryness, but also that there was an advanced pigmentation that was secretly about to burst out unless timely prevented.

As a result of the skin analysis test (and later a blood test), she was offered the customized Cinderella Bright Course, a combination of six treatments, four for the skin, and two for fatigue alleviation (stiff shoulders, yes!): two types of IV vitamin “cocktail” boost. The treatment began with cleansing and peeling, which cleared the pores, improved blood circulation and conditioned the skin pigmentation, and continued with two high-tech light and electricity machine-treatments to support natural skin rejuvenation, and ended with an IV of a high-density Vitamin C and other essential vitamins to restore the energy. The result the next day was clearly visible — her skin looked simply very healthy and there were no longer traces of fatigue.

2. External and internal beauty approach: Variety of treatments catering to all your needs

Tengenji Solaria Clinic’s treatment policy is “to prevent illnesses before they occur” and to boost your own regenerating power through a combination of regular internal and external beauty care. The clinic covers treatment opportunities stretching from widely available common beauty care courses, such as epilation, diet, slimming, skincare, Botox, hyaluronic acid injections, and aroma oil relaxation treatments, to less-available procedures such as vaginal laser treatment (aka vaginal anti-aging care), anti-aging IVs, nutritional therapy and general regenerative medicine.

Equipped with in-house specialists covering dermatology, gynecology, cosmetic surgery, and even rehabilitation, Tengenji’s doctors will determine the cause of your health concerns, find a recommended treatment to address them, and help you prevent possible and/or further complications. The clinic is also equipped with the latest technology that limit pain, discomfort and unnecessary use of knifework. 

The clinic covers everything from common beauty care courses to less-common procedures such as vaginal anti-aging care, anti-aging IVs, nutritional therapy and general regenerative medicine.

The Intense pulsed light (IPL) skincare treatment, for example, is a high-powered, hand-held flashgun which delivers an intense, broad-spectrum pulse of light used to tackle acne, skin pigmentation, and wrinkles and other skin conditions. For melasma, acne, skin smoothening and even tattoo removals (which you can do there as well), there’s Spectra, the globally-used multi-function painless laser machine which exfoliates the skin and clears all major skin problems in a single treatment. Meso Acthys, a cosmetic procedure developed by Harvard University, is an innovative non-needle, completely painless method that injects collagen, hyaluronic acid and other needed nutrition into the skin without having you feel a thing.

The clinic further offers a variety of vitamin and cocktail IVs, which help your body restore its vitality and strength. The dense vitamin-C IV treatment and Ozone Therapy, which increases antioxidative ability in the body through the introduction of ozone in the blood, are among the most popular menus at the clinic, and such that have exhausted women flooding after work for a 30-min quick genki boost. A combination of any of those treatments results in a clear improvement of your skin, externally and internally.

3. Best of both worlds: A clinic and a resort

“Your health is always connected to your mind,” assures us Toshie Matsumiya, the clinic’s trilingual director, upon guiding us through the facility’s Bali resort-inspired four treatment rooms. Relaxation is a key point here, she assures us, because taking care of your health should be something that makes us feel good, not frightened.

That is why, despite being an actual hospital, the clinic has marble stones instead of white walls; leather chairs instead of brown hospital benches; antique furniture instead of white cabinets; paintings on its walls instead of medicine ads, and even a fountain imported from Bali. There is a calm background music, pleasant aroma and comfortable silence typical for a luxury spa. The point is to make you feel relaxed while undergoing a medical treatment (because IVs can look scary), which in itself is a way to support your mental health and positivity, Matsumiya says. In fact, during our visit to the clinic, our Savvy staff recalls comfortably snoozing away while an electrical laser was being used to smoothen her facial skin.   

Tengenji Solaria Clinic’s director Toshie Mitsumiya

4. Accessible beauty at affordable costs

Just as we would pay extra to buy organic food, higher quality clothes and cosmetics, paying for internal beauty health isn’t cheap, but it should be considered a wise investment. Unlike most beauty clinics where customers are required to commit to one-time lump payments for a year or so worth treatment, at Tengenji Solaria Clinic customers are free to approach their treatments based on their own preferences, without the need to break the bank or devote to a long-term treatment (unless they want to, of course).  

The clinic offers special discounts for first time users, applicable to most options on the menu. Energy boost treatments such as the popular Ozone Therapy start at ¥12,000 and can be paid per treatment or in a set of five or ten times if you plan to do it regularly. A 25-mg condensed Vitamin-C energy boost costs ¥16,500, while intravenous anti-aging drips cost ¥3,800 per treatment. Injections start at just ¥1,500 (garlic), ¥1,530 (placenta, trial price) and ¥3,800 for a premium energy treatment that will get you back on your feet with a single shot. Advanced machine-controlled treatments such as the Spectra peeling and IPL for your facial skin can be tried for ¥21,250 and ¥16,150, respectively (first-time use), and Meso Acthys can get you injected with any kinds of supplements at a trial price of ¥25,500.

The principle here is to feel no stress (for running out of cash) and still be able to spare some funds for your internal beauty regimen on a regular basis just as you would for your outer — after all, caring for your skin is more profitable than covering it up!

If this is your year to start caring for your health while looking in the long-run, give it a try and book yourself a treatment at this clinic. It will open your eyes and give you the opportunity to learn a few things about your health and skin that you didn’t know before — even if this means getting shocked!

Savvy Tokyo Exclusive Campaign

To share the great experience our staff had at Tengenji Solaria Clinic, Savvy Tokyo has partnered with the clinic to offer a special discount exclusive to our readers.

For anyone booking the Cinderella Bright Course, which includes a private consultation, skin analysis, Spectra peeling, skin pigmentation peeling, Meso Acthys treatment, Low-level light therapy Healite treatment for improving healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne and promoting skin rejuvenation, a condensed 12.5g Vitamin-C IV, and Ozone Therapy, the clinic offers a discounted price of ¥96,000 (regular price: ¥120,000).

For any other treatments, enjoy a 10% off discount, upon mentioning Savvy Tokyo when booking.

The Deets

Tengenji Solaria Clinic

Address: Barbizon72 2F, 5-25-12 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6408-5550
Business hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. (Mon-Sat, National Holidays). Closed Sundays. English and French language support available on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and Sat.

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