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Stars Over Tokyo April 2017

Spring into step with the stars

By Cathy Moe
April 1, 2017

It's time to smell the flowers as they bloom — and check out what the heavens have in store for you this month.

Only interested in reading your own ‘scope? Clink on your sign below.

CAPRICORN (Jan 19 – Feb 15)
AQUARIUS (Feb 16 – Mar 11)
PISCES (Mar 12 – Apr 18)
ARIES (Apr 19 – May 13)
TAURUS (May 14 – June 19)
GEMINI (June 20 – July 20)
CANCER (July 21 – Aug 9)
LEO (Aug 10 – Sep 10)
VIRGO (Sep 11 – Oct 30)
LIBRA (Oct 31 – Nov 22)
SCORPIO (Nov 23 – Nov 29)
OPHIUCHUS (Nov 30 – Dec 17)
SAGITTARIUS (Dec 18 – Jan 18)

CAPRICORN January 19 – February 15

Color: Smooth sakura
Sound: Soft footsteps
Daily Antidote: Deep belly breaths

Spirit soaring but feet not fast enough? Financial towers built, but castle moats too deep to cross? Never fear, you’re already more on top of it than you know. As cherry blossoms drift, Mercury trines the Moon’s north node. This is a destiny placement to take you out of your comfort zone, increasing your influence. When the Sun trines Saturn on Apr. 17, you’re empowered to stand your ground. Then Mercury trines Saturn on Apr. 24, and those in authority “get” you. Your confidence allows you to close on negotiations, whether they’re professional, educational, or silkily romantic.

AQUARIUS February 16 – March 11

Color: Scintillating sienna
Sound: Ice sphere clink
Daily Antidote: Selfie stick

Scones made with crème fraiche not on your diet? April beckons to break the rules. Staying in balance, you’ll navigate this month barely batting an eyelash. Of course, if you’re the lucky owner of a Kobako eyelash curler, it might make the days smoother and the nights more rewarding. Apr. 5, Mars trines Pluto. This is a star-gazer’s recipe for romance that doesn’t happen often. Think body heat with volcanic pressure and you get the picture. You can always back away from the intensity when the Sun trines the Moon’s north node on Apr. 21. That’s when you’ll be watching your boundaries and presenting your professional side.

PISCES March 12 – April 18

Color: Mauve in motion
Sound: Bubbles bursting
Daily Antidote: Reflection in water

Want to burst forth and join the elementals of spring? There are dazzling starlights for you to choose from this month. Mars trines Pluto Apr. 5, which could get your heart racing. Check into Shu Uemura beauty collections to see if they’re for you, or position yourself at the Sheraton for Sakura Afternoon Tea “just to be seen.” April has a gentle quality which matches your own. The undercurrent of strength you hold shows up beautifully in quiet mode. Mercury trines Saturn on Apr. 24, so what you think and say has a lasting effect. Be careful what you ask for!

ARIES April 19 – May 13

Color: Daffodil yellow
Sound: Papers in wind
Daily Antidote: Happy heart hug

Want to liberate yourself from others’ expectations? Struggling to stay on track just to manage your own? April offers a few surprises and most of them are in your favor. Spring welcomes you with more appreciation and less obligation. The restraints that wound their way around you are beginning to dissolve. On Apr. 5, Mars trines Pluto. This is akin to a matte grey rocket transforming into a display of glossy fireworks. Of course, it may only be felt on the inside, so you’ll want to stock up on Majolica Majorca for your butterfly kisses or Oiesan bath cubes to set the mood. Apr. 24, get ready for commitment. Only you can know what it will be!

TAURUS May 14 – June 19

Color: Beneficent beige
Sound: Overtone chanting
Daily Antidote: Watch kites flying

Those who have never seen you move with your powerful grace are about to be inspired. When motivated, you can charge with the best of them. Mercury trines the Moon’s north node on Apr. 3. What you say comes from the depth of your being. It can rock someone’s world and be a game-changer. Then, on Apr. 14, the Sun conjuncts Uranus. You have a lightning-flash approach and cannot be stopped. Plan for business meetings and negotiations at this time. You may realize you have more Earth Day in you than you thought on Apr. 22. Mercury trines Saturn two days later. Ready for romance? Make it clear you’re available, if that is your cherry blossom wish.

GEMINI June 20 – July 20

Color: Burnished brass
Sound: Caramel crunch
Daily Antidote: Mermaid stretch

You have choices to make as blossoms drift like pink snowflakes. You can fly all day yet still stay in touch. Or you can walk on the ground, feeling secure with each step. Either way, April is a month of reversals. Luckily, you’re in the mood, boosted by recognition for your career contributions. Apr. 5, ambitious Mars trines powerful Pluto. If you’re in a race for success then you’re likely to move to the top — and quickly. Keep your emotions in check on Apr. 16, as Mars sextiles Chiron. Someone may offer a soothing afternoon. Earth Day you can give to a greater source. You’ll have a chance to balance the competition when Mercury trines Saturn Apr. 24. Solid!

CANCER July 21 – August 9

Color: Electromagnetic orange
Sound: Foot tapping
Daily Antidote: Kindness to self

Want to hide away, or go find love and romance? You’re a sensitive soul, yet able to protect the soft parts of yourself. April offers renewal, so that feeling of “bursting forth” may tempt and inspire you. Mercury trines the north node of the Moon, a double-take for destiny on Apr. 3. Then Mars trines Pluto for a star-popping alignment. These two blend power and passion with ambition and focus. On Earth Day, you may feel pulled to visit Fuji Five Lakes or take your children (and dog) to Ooedo Onsen Monogatari. On Apr. 24, Mercury trines Saturn, inviting conversations to create friendships that last.

LEO August 10 – September 10

Color: Bondi blue
Sound: Secret whispers
Daily Antidote: Colored nails

No one roars like the lioness. You can be sleek, strong and glorious as you make points, then host a group of friends and laugh when stars are crossed! On Apr. 5, Mars trines Pluto to make changes pop. Luckily, if you’re in the middle of shopping, April offers beauty with benefits. You may check out Ayura to show off your gloss and glitter. Want to invite a sexy companion on a trip? Three offers natural travel kits, and who can resist Ichibankao, or anything Anna Sui? Earth Day keeps you current and caring. Mercury trines Saturn on Apr. 24. By then you’ll know who’s in and who’s out — and whom you’ll decide to keep!

VIRGO September 11 – October 30

Color: Brunswick green
Sound: Breath of patience
Daily Antidote: Flirtation

Want to see your shy side turn into the sparkles of spring? You’ve come to the right place! The stars have chosen to put their razzle-dazzle attention upon you. As Mars trines Pluto on Apr. 5, a celestial display lights up your skies. You can hop on this ride and enjoy the show as you’re whisked off to places you hadn’t necessarily planned on. It’s April’s way of sharing what you’ve been missing. Whether you’re up for a night at R2 Supper Club, or are invited to a Midtown yozakura, cherry blossoms in motion only serve to show off your sweet and poignant allure. On Apr. 24, Mercury trines Saturn. Your thoughts have time to make your wishes a more permanent situation.

LIBRA October 31 – November 22

Color: Sapphire
Sound: Soprano C
Daily Antidote: Organic whipped tanning butter

You’re a kaleidoscope in motion. Libra’s Venus-ruled qualities blend easily with April’s colors. They show in your choice of clothing, jewelry and even your eyeshadow. Whether you prefer shopping in Ginza, Shibuya or Harajuku, isn’t it time to reinvest in yourself? Wear your dazzling best as a goddess wears armor and shield on Apr. 5, when Mars trines Pluto. Everyone will think you’re a rock star! Or you can save some of your energy for Apr. 21. Venus squares Saturn, the Sun trines the north node of the Moon — and anything goes! Let April’s final week take a stand between your heart and mind, and how you so gracefully hold them together.

SCORPIO November 23 – November 29

Color: Celestial plum
Sound: French horn
Daily Antidote: Daisy dalliance

Just when you’re about to move ahead, spring daydreams drift into your thoughts and put clouds in your coffee. Want to invite a friend or slip away by yourself? It’s a great time to enjoy kurobo brown sugar sticks, manju or give Marusei butter biscuits a try (if you haven’t already!). Stolen moments can become a happy ritual as Mars trines Pluto on Apr. 5. Events catch your attention with several options at hand. Then on Apr. 17, the Sun trines Saturn and you can be comfortable with choices you’ve made. On Earth Day you’ll meet those who share your beliefs. By Apr. 24, there isn’t much to do but feel secure in what you have stood behind and what you stand up for.

OPHIUCHUS November 30 – December 17

Color: Princess Diana pink
Sound: Breeze in branches
Daily Antidote: Morning meditation

Being yourself may mean taking time out to consider things. Or just rest, to feel your inner dictates. On Apr. 3, Mercury trines the north node of the Moon. It’s a destiny aspect for clearing your thoughts. Adding matcha tea to the recipe shines light on your questions. On Apr. 5, Mars trines Pluto. Energy galore. Use this to put yourself into new territory — a trip, a home, a job. Relationships must have meaning or you’re just not interested. On Apr. 17, the Sun trines Saturn. You can make something permanent — if it’s truly your desire! Earth Day holds moments of sacred energy for you, especially. On Apr. 24, Mercury trines Saturn. It’s the stars’ way of backing what you think is important.

SAGITTARIUS December 18 – January 18

Color: Pastel purple
Sound: Sea in shell
Daily Antidote: Keitai love

Letting go doesn’t mean something is over. You’re giving it a chance to breathe free and return — hopefully changed and restored. On Apr. 3, Mercury trines the north node of the Moon. This gift from the stars helps to see things in a different perspective. It takes work! On Apr. 5, Mars trines Pluto — energies are amped to the max. If you need time to play, spring clean your diet and prepare for next year’s Ramen Girls Festival. On Apr. 17, the Sun trines Saturn. You shine all the more for your perseverance. Earth Day adds inspiration to your philosophies. Then on Apr. 24, Mercury trines Saturn. You can get an agreement in writing which matches your goals

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