11 Premium Sakura-Themed Events To Enjoy This Spring

Savor Spring with Cherry-Themed Food & Events In the Capital

Feel the first blush of spring at these 11 premium seasonal events.

Though the weather outside reminds us that it’s still early to take off our winter coats, the capital is gradually getting ready to welcome the spring blossoms, expected to start blooming and entertaining us as early as next week. As we get ready to see the city turn pink, it’s important to remind ourselves that the sakura experience in Japan is not limited to sitting under the trees and admiring the cherry blossom canopy — the sakura is everywhere: in hotels, in shows as well as in the food we eat in March and April.

To commemorate the beginning of the hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season, here are 11 of the capital’s best sakura-themed events and seasonal specials for the year. 

Article compiled by  Tiffany Liao. 

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