Tokyo American Club Now Has A Membership For Short-Term Expats

However Long You Live in Tokyo — Make the Most Of It

Tailored to internationals moving to Japan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this new membership option is the club’s most convenient and affordable yet.

For almost 100 years, Tokyo American Club (TAC for short) has been a lifeline of the international community, offering a true home away from home for expatriates and their families living in Japan. Today, around 4,000 members from over 50 nations benefit from the club’s exceptional array of facilities, services, and programs—all designed to enable foreign residents to survive, and thrive, in their new environment.

A facility for the whole family

Current TAC member Iain Jamieson moved to Tokyo with his family of four to oversee Visa Inc’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic project.

Since he’ll only be living in Japan for a relatively short period of time, the Term Regular Membership was the perfect choice as it offers all the services and benefits that the club has to offer without having to apply and pay for a lifetime membership.

Tokyo American Club Term Regular Membership

Iain with his family in Tokyo.

For Iain, the benefits are as wide-ranging as the facilities themselves.

“Everyone in our family likes to do or try different things, and TAC offers diverse options that actually meet all of our needs,” he says.

Tokyo American Club Swimming Pool

The rooftop swimming pool at Tokyo American Club.

“Whilst I mainly use the club for the gym and dining facilities, my wife has expanded the type of exercise she does and is also a frequent visitor to the spa. Our two boys are very active sportsmen too, with swimming and karate being their favorite pastimes,” he says.

Tokyo American Club Spa

The spa at Tokyo American Club offers a variety of treatments for men, women, and teenagers.

Iain’s family also make the most of the club’s popular restaurants.

“The restaurant options both on the family side and the formal side of the club suit all our tastes and are very reasonably priced. The Rainbow Café’s cobb salad is a staple favorite of ours!” he says.


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There’s also an additional unexpected benefit to the Term Regular Membership for Iain in the form of the club’s visiting tailor.

“I must mention the Suit Connoisseur, Vinod, who visits the club every month. I was in need of some new suits and since meeting him in January and seeing his offerings, I’ve become a devoted client,” he says.

“It shows that TAC goes just that little bit further on the options and offerings for its members,” he adds.

Tokyo American Club restaurant

You can make use of the club’s spacious and modern facilities for work and play.

When asked if he would recommend the membership to friends and colleagues, he replied: “For anyone who knows they will only be based here for a limited amount of time, I would certainly recommend this type of membership, as you get access to an amazing array of recreational and sporting options—which cannot be beaten in Tokyo—at great value for money.”

Tokyo American Club

Tokyo American Club is a fantastic way to grow your personal and professional local network.

“The staff at the club are also extremely professional and friendly. They now know our children by their first names and can anticipate their dining choices—all within six months of joining!” he says.

How much is the Term Regular Membership and what are some of the benefits?

A membership at Tokyo American Club is an invaluable chance to enrich you and your family’s Japan experience in a way that, really, no other place can.

Previously, memberships for incoming expats were limited to “Resident” and “Company” options, valid for an unlimited time period. This meant that anybody coming to Tokyo and planning to stay for just a year or two would have to pay the same entrance and monthly fees as a long-term foreign resident in Japan for a decade.


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The new Term Regular Membership addresses the needs of those moving to the capital for a short-term secondment and makes for a great opportunity to connect with Tokyo’s vibrant international community as soon as they land in Japan.

The Term Regular Membership allows immediate access to the same variety of top-notch facilities for up to three years, the only other difference being that the fees are much lower when compared to the standard Resident and Company memberships.

  • Entrance fee: ¥750,000
  • Refundable deposit: ¥200,000
  • Monthly fees: ¥40,000 (Single), ¥45,000 (Couple), ¥50,000 (Family)
  • Six-month extension fee (After three years): ¥250,000

Special Summer Offer 

Tokyo American Club Exterior

Tokyo American Club is now running a special campaign to help new members get the most out of their memberships right off the bat. If you complete your application before September 26, you’ll receive a generous gift of ¥40,000 Club voucher to spend as you like.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more and apply to the Term Regular Membership here.

The Deets

Tokyo American Club (TAC)

Address: 2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0041
Tel: 03-4588-0381

Membership Office

Hours: Mon–Fri: 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Weekends and Holidays: 9:30 a.m.–6 p.m.
Tel: 03-4588-0687

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