5 Tokyo Fashion Trends That Are Taking Over Summer 2020

Are You Ready To Look Effortlessly Cool?

By Tabitha Wilders
June 25, 2020
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As Tokyo has started to ease lockdown restrictions and we’re finally able to leave the house, it’s time to put an end to wearing sweatpants and get back on the right ‘fashion’ track!

New Season=New Trends

While it is completely understandable that fashion may not particularly be a priority—especially as we’re living in pretty challenging times—, clothes can actually be quite important during this troubling time. By this, I mean to say that fashion can actually be good for our mental wellbeing and uplift us emotionally. After all, what we wear helps us to express who we are and plays a part in how we feel.  Let’s get straight into it and take a look at these top 5 versatile Tokyo summer fashion trends! 

The keyword is versatile, meaning you’ll be able to play around and create different looks with these fashion items and it will definitely last you the entire season. Get ready to look totally chic and cool this summer! 

1. Shirt dresses

A shirt dress is a summer wardrobe essential. Everyone really should own at least one shirt dress because a) it’s a timeless piece that will never go out of style and b) it’s extremely versatile. It can be worn to fit the office dress code but can also be thrown on for a casual day out. 

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Blue Shirt Dress

Bright Broad Shirt Dress by Adam Et Ropé Le Magasin Women | ¥5,445 (50% off  ¥10,890)

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 White Shirt Dress

Tent Dress by Jeanasis | ¥4,389 (50% off ¥8,800)

Savvy Styling Tip

You can never really go wrong with opting for a classic white shirt dress and accessorizing it with some nice jewelry and a statement bag. For a casual look, team it with some white sneakers and an oversized summer hat. Pair it with some trousers and slip on your favorite, comfortable heels for the office. If you’re not too keen on the oversized style, you can always cinch it with a belt to create a waistline. 

If you prefer a bit of color, try going for a light, pastel shirt dress. My recommendation would be the Bright Broad Shirt Dress by Adam Et Ropé Le Magasin as the vertical pinstripe lines of this shirt dress, in particular, will do you wonders by elongating your frame. 

As Seen On Instagram

Take note of how the top model, Ai Tominaga, styled her shirt dress. She coordinates her sleeveless white shirt dress with a pair of denim jeans and looks effortlessly cool!


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2. Short suits

It’s getting hotter outside and so wearing long pants is starting to get a little uncomfortable for us. What’s the summer alternative to this? It’s a short suit! This trend is one that you shouldn’t shy away from—especially if you’re not a skirt/dress sort of person. You’ll see how easy it is to style the short suit and look like a #bosslady!

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Camel Short Suit

Camel tailored jacket by Vis | ¥4,389 (50% off ¥8,778 ) & Culotte pants with belt by Vis | ¥2,739 (50% off ¥5,478 ) 

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Checker Short Suit

Check shirt jacket by WEGO | ¥3,299 and Check shorts by WEGO | ¥2,199

Savvy Styling Tip

If you’re worried you won’t be able to pull it off, why not start off with a short suit that’s simple and neutral in tone? Again, the short suit is versatile and can be worn appropriately depending on the occasion. If you’re wearing it to the office, the key is to consider the length of the shorts. Then, style this with a feminine blouse and slip on a pair of comfortable heels.

Quick coffee date? The short suit, white t-shirt, and white classic sneakers combo is your best bet. Or even a pair of cute strappy sandals—perfect for when you want to keep things casual but stylish at the same time.

As Seen On Instagram

Not only is Model and Tarento Akemi Darenogare rocking the short suit look, but she’s also gone for that trendy seasonal color—mint green


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3. Slip dress x T-shirt

The Slip dress x T-shirt 90’s trend is back this summer! This look will definitely be spotted on the streets of Tokyo as well as in magazines and on celebrities. With so many color variations and different ways to style it, you’ll have fun creating lots of fabulous looks! 

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Antique rose color slip dress on a white T-shirt

Top and Cami Dress Set by Nano Universe | ¥6,160 (30% off  ¥8,800)

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Mint Green Camisole and white t-shirt

Check Blouse and Slip Dress Set by DHOLIC LADIES | ¥3,993

Savvy Styling Tip

The slip dress x t-shirt combo makes it easy for us to look good every day without having to put in a whole lot of effort. My favorite way to accessorize this look is with subtle jewelry and a pair of leather slides. 

As the slip dress has an elegant silhouette with delicate shoulder straps, you can choose to toughen it up with some grungy combat boots or even wear it with your favorite pair of sneakers.   

As Seen On Instagram

Here, you can see how Maggie (Model and Tarento) has balanced out the femininity of this slip dress with a pair of statement cowboy boots. 


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4. Bucket Hat

This one’s your typical love it or hate it kind of trend. The bucket hat seems to have gained popularity really quickly and has become the go-to accessory for adding a little edge to street style. This very 90’s trend is not only surprisingly wearable but will also provide you with the necessary protection from the sun! 

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Checker Bucket bag

Infiled Design x Beams Check Sailor Bucket Hat by Beams | ¥3,300 (50% off  ¥6,600)

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Beige bucket hat

Nylon Bucket Hat by Freak’s Store | ¥3,194 (20% off  ¥3,993)

Savvy Styling Tip

If you choose to go for a fun, retro-style bucket hat like the one by Beams, then it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit as minimal as possible to allow the bucket hat to be the focal point of your outfit. 

An easy styling trick to try out with a simple white bucket hat like the one by Freak’s Store is to keep it chic with an all-white outfit. 

As Seen On Instagram

AKB48 member, Rena Kato, looks totally cool yet also cute in her simple black bucket hat. A great off-duty look. 


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5. Strappy, Lace-up Sandals

To quote Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” This summer, it’s all about the strappy, lace-up sandals. This chic 2020 shoe trend will get you into summer mode and perhaps even lead to a few compliments as you roam the streets in style. 

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Python Lace-up Sandals

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Lark Lace-up Sandals by Tomorrowland | ¥48,840 (40% off  ¥81,400)

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Blue Lace-up Sandals

Flat Lace Up Sandals by Esperanza | ¥7,590

Savvy Styling Tip

Shoes are one of those things I see worth the investment and prefer to go for the quality. After all, nothing is worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes. But if you don’t particularly want to splurge on these strappy-styled sandals, they are plenty of affordable options! 

For all the true fashionistas, do try lacing them up over your pants. And pick pastels or fun print sandals to really step it up a notch. Be confident and go bold with this trend! 

As Seen On Instagram

Here, Reina Triendl, a Japanese-Austrian Model, Tarento and actress has coordinated her simple, white strappy-sandals with a cute little white bag. It definitely gives off summer vibes!


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