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Tutoring Classes for International School Students in Japan

Summer Success Starts Here

Summer is just around the corner, bringing with it an important decision for international families in Tokyo: how to make the most of their child’s summer break.

For over 10 years, Tokyo Academics has been dedicated to supporting international families in the Tokyo area, offering tailored educational programs that meet their unique needs. With a team of tutors from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Yale, Princeton and UC Berkeley, they understand the importance of making your summer count towards your future. Their 2024 Summer Group Class program is designed to help children thrive academically while also having fun and enjoying their time off. Let’s explore how this specialized tutoring program can make this summer in Japan both enriching and unforgettable for your family.

Why Summer Education Planning is Crucial

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Summer is a crucial period for your child’s academic growth, especially in today’s competitive landscape. With private school and college admissions becoming increasingly selective, summer learning is one of the most efficient ways for students to get ahead academically.

Avoiding the summer slide is essential, and Summer Classes at Tokyo Academics ensure that your child retains and builds upon what they’ve learned during the school year. For expat families, structured learning over the summer provides stability and routine, helping children catch up and get a head start on the fall semester.

Elementary School Classes

Elementary School Classes© Photo by Tokyo Academics

Starting early is key to academic success, and Tokyo Academics believes in building strong foundations from a young age. Many of their top alumni, who have gone on to study at schools like Harvard, Yale, MIT and Dartmouth, share one thing in common: they began their educational journey as early as third grade! Elementary school Summer Classes at Tokyo Academics are designed with the future in mind, focusing on foundational math, science, reading and writing skills.

Popular Elementary School Classes (Grades 3-5):

Middle School Classes

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Middle school is a pivotal time when students begin to face more challenging academic demands. Tokyo Academics offers what students can’t find elsewhere: challenging coursework, expert instruction, and a results-based curriculum that builds confidence and strong academic habits. By emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving through comprehensive courses in math, science, English and social studies, they ensure students are well-prepared for high school and beyond.

Popular Middle School Classes (Grades 6-8):

High School Classes

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High school is all about rigor! Tokyo Academics’ summer program for high school students is designed to meet these demands head-on. Their programs focus on training students to excel in standardized tests. Over 80% of students who take AP courses with Tokyo Academics earn a four or five on their exams. This achievement not only allows them to gain college credits but also helps them save on college tuition.

Students typically see their scores increase by 50-100 points on average for SAT courses. Some of the most dedicated students are improving by as much as 300 points. Beyond test prep, they offer advanced subjects, college counseling and free essay writing workshops to guide students through admissions.

Popular High School Classes (Grades 9-12):

Testimonials and Success Stories

The feedback from families and students speaks volumes about the impact of Tokyo Academics. Here are a few of their success stories:

“Wow! An 11-point increase in MAP math when starting at 99%! That is fabulous. I am so thrilled with how you worked and taught Ella this year. We can’t thank you enough.”

–Summer Class Parent

“We just received our daughter’s scores on the SSATs. She did wonderfully – 92% overall. Thank you for all of your work with her. She knows that it has made a big difference in her scores, and we believe that to be true as well.”

–Summer Class Parent

“As you may know, AP scores came out. I just wanted to share that I got a 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam! I wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me for both AP Calculus AB and BC.”

–Summer Class Student

These testimonials highlight the dedication of Tokyo Academics’ tutors and the tangible results their students achieve, showcasing how their tailored approach helps students excel and thrive.

Start Planning with Tokyo Academics

Start Planning with Tokyo Academics© Photo by Tokyo Academics

Ready to plan the perfect summer for your child? Tokyo Academics invites you to take advantage of their free summer planning sessions for families in Tokyo. They specialize in providing expert advice across all curriculums, ensuring a personalized summer plan tailored to your family’s needs. Whether your child requires academic support, enrichment activities, or college prep, Tokyo Academics has it covered.

Contact them today via email at “support@tokyoacademics.com” or phone at 050-6868-2121 (every day 11-7 p.m. JST) to start planning and take the first step toward an unforgettable summer of learning and growth.

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