6 Crazy Beauty Services in Tokyo

Unique Ways to Treat Yourself in the City

By The Savvy Team
September 24, 2021
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Here are six ways to look and feel good for the brave and curious.

Tokyo offers an abundance of crazy services, so it’s probably no surprise that you can avail yourself of a number of quite unique beauty treatments here in the city, as well. From cutting-edge cooling technology designed specifically to expel dead fat cells from your body, to cell-stimulating head spas and private isolation tanks, Tokyo offers salons and products with a variety of health and beauty services that you may only find here.

Here are six unique examples of services we found that look sort of crazy but may provide just the experience you’re looking to try.

1. Tokyo Cryoskin

6 Crazy Beauty Services in Tokyo

Cryoskin is a state-of-the-art treatment that tones fat and skin by using sub-zero temperatures. It’s non-invasive, non-painful and claims to be more reliable than Botox. The company that specializes in it, Tokyo Cryoskin, says it can be used to look younger, to improve your skin’s appearance or to help as a weight-loss treatment. Everybody is different and will react differently to cryotherapy. According to Tokyo Cryo, most people will be able to see results after their first session. Your results from each session will peak around two to three weeks after your actual appointment, as this is when your body has finished expelling the dead fat cells from the cryotherapy. Cryoskin may be the coolest and easiest way to help you look and feel better.

Where: Kinokuniya Suger Residence, 2-1-1 Azabujuban, Minato-ku
Business hours: Tue to Fri: 11 am-8 pm. Mon, Sat: 12 pm-6 pm. Closed on Sunday.
Reservations: Online or 03 5439 9969

2. Ci Labo’s Golden Treatment 

6 Crazy Beauty Services in Tokyo

Get the ultimate celebrity experience at Ci Labo. Their special “Golden Treatment” is available for first-time users of their salon along with a free counseling session with their professional estheticians. This rich and unique experience will allow skin cells to become activated from a weak electric current flowing through the gold and will provide numerous benefits to your skin. The treatment is said to reduce sagging and wrinkles while promoting blood circulation and activation of the skin’s metabolism to make your skin transparent and firm. If you’ve been looking for a way to treat yourself like a royal, this treatment is a great place to start. 

Where: Various salons
Reservations: Online or 0800 111 4116

3. Vitule’s Dome Sauna

6 Crazy Beauty Services in Tokyo

This special sauna treatment features a semi-circular dome designed to fit your body—warming you from the core with far-infrared rays. Far-infrared rays have a long wavelength and can reach 40 to 50 millimeters under the skin, so you can warm your body from the inside instead of warming the skin surface like a heater. This dome sauna will sweat away your body’s inner impurities from the sebaceous glands in the back of the body, which is generally said to be unsweatable unless you run up to 42 kilometers in a marathon. It’s the perfect treatment for those who have trouble entering regular saunas due to shortness of breath as the dome will only cover you from your toes to your neck, leaving your face exposed for a refreshing experience. Vitule will propose the most suitable treatment for you through counseling and a body check.

Where: Various salons
Reservations: Online or 03 4479 9463

4. Resalon’s Hair Growth Treatment

6 Crazy Beauty Services in Tokyo

Here’s a savior for your hair and head, especially those with dryness, frizz and scalp swelling. This head spa by Resalon uses human stem cell solution for improved hair growth along with scalp mask cleansing, tansan (sodium carbonate) shower, BMS needle-free air injecting, bio beauty serum and hair cell-stimulating LED treatments. The treatment eradicates sebum, clogged oil, dandruff, hair dust and chemical residue while strengthening the roots of your hair to prevent hair loss and improves scalp blood circulation to activate skin cell regeneration. Regular appointments will provide great results and your hair will look thick, strong and beautiful in no time. 

Where: Cherry’s Garden Minami Aoyama 3F, 3-3-14 Minami Aoyama, Minato City, Tokyo
Business hours: 10 am-9 pm.
Reservations: Online or 03 6721 0801

5. Salon De Wa’s Plaster Face Slimming

6 Crazy Beauty Services in Tokyo

If you’re looking for a unique facial treatment that covers everything from summer UV care, acne treatment, wrinkle relief and sagging improvements, book in for Salon De Wa’s plaster face slimming service. Lay back, listen to the salon’s calm music and rest while an esthetician revitalizes your face using numerous techniques including the application of a hot gypsum plaster mask to relieve the tension in your face muscles. The salon claims the plaster mask improves the skin’s quality and increases its metabolism, ultimately preventing your skin from sagging. 

Where: 6-143-4, Isezakicho, Naka, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Business hours: 9 am-11 pm. Closed on Sunday.
Reservations: Online 

6. Unborn’s Isolation Tank

6 Crazy Beauty Services in Tokyo

Unborn is a retreat lounge that resets your mind with new approaches that overturn conventional concepts of relaxation. Their isolation tank allows you to enter a deep state of meditation in a space where light and sound are blocked off, leaving you floating in saltwater alone with the senses of your body. By floating in saltwater at your own body temperature, they claim, you can experience weightlessness, and as your physical sensations gradually disappear from your consciousness, you are able to enter deep meditation. This facility operates on a membership system and requires you to sign up in order to experience their soothing services.

Where: Private (Only available to members)
Business hours: 10 am-10 pm. Irregular holidays.

So, what do you think? Would you try any of these eccentric salon treatment services in Tokyo? If you’ve experienced a unique beauty service here in Tokyo that we haven’t listed—we’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below!

This article was sponsored by Tokyo Cryoskin, see their website for various other cryotherapy services for skin, body and mental health. 

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