7 Japan Foodie Instagrammers To Follow

Warning: Risk of Drooling All Over Your Phone

By Anisa Kazemi
August 18, 2020
Food & Drink

From kawaii, homely, to gourmet, there’s something to tempt everyone’s palate on this list. Brace yourselves for some serious saliva-inducing pics.

It’s perhaps an unarguable fact (go on, try me…!) that Japanese food is the tastiest and prettiest kind of food there is. Whether it’s adorable Valentine’s Day bento boxes, indulgent vegan desserts or inventive menus featuring edible flowers, Japan is a treasure trove of seriously Instagrammable dishes. These seven must-follow food Instagrammers from Japan are just a small selection of what’s out there. So go forth and explore, but make sure you pack a snack as you are going to get HUNGRY.

1.The only Onigiri for me @nzngram

If you’re just beginning to venture into the delicious landscape of Japanese foodie accounts, this one is a perfect place to start because it looks entirely copyable, even if you don’t live in Japan. All you need is rice and some toppings to go along with the endless inspiration from the many different onigiri (rice ball) face combinations that @nzngram comes up with.

Plus, it’s suitable for everyone, at any occasion. I mean, who doesn’t like a pea-nosed smiling rice ball on their plate? Onigiri master Nin has great ideas for anybody who wishes to elicit a big smile on their loved ones’ faces. Unfortunately, the account is dormant since February but there is still a whole gallery for you to reproduce!


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2. A family affair @heavydrinker

Don’t let the name put you off. This account is all family charm and loveliness. Featuring homely photos from a family kitchen, this super-parent pours their heart and soul into every dish. All content is in Japanese but the themes are universal—it’s all about easy-to-prepare but delicious and healthy meals for busy families. If you like what you see here, you should check out @heavydrinker’s new book 冷凍ラクおかず (lit. Frozen Simple Side Dishes) which features simple traditional recipes that can be prepped in advance and frozen for eating along with rice throughout the week.


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3. All ‘Bout that Bento @maaaarukoo

Look no further for next-level bento inspiration. Stuck on what to pack for your own, sweetheart’s and/or little munchkin’s lunch tomorrow? Head over to this account for some savory stimulus thanks to food Instagrammer @maaaarukoo’s amazing bento boxes. Honestly, if this account doesn’t make you want to eat all of your meals out of a box we don’t know what will. And, if you really like what you see, you can purchase Maruko’s first cookbook on Amazon (link in profile).


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4. For The Love of Food (and Cats) @higuccini

Masai Higuchi takes captivating close-ups of a variety of extremely tasty-looking food. From Japanese bento boxes to Italian braised peppers to many-topping avocado toasts, Higuchi-san covers pretty much every type of cuisine and you’ll want to eat ALL OF IT. Last but not least, his account features the most adorable grey little paws. See for yourself but don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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5. For the Love of Food (and Dogs) @tami_73

More of a dog person? Check out Instagrammer Tami-san’s account. In between her mouth-watering Japanese-style plates and bentos, Tami posts pictures of her French Bulldog (equally edible), basketball games, and neighborly jaunts. And yes, we’ve been ogling this sandwich since it appeared on our feed. My god, does it look good.


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6. Oodles of Noodles @ramenadventures

Food blogger Brian has made it his mission to eat his way through Japan’s regional ramen landscape, which makes for an account filled to the brim with mouth-watering bowls of noodle deliciousness. The great thing about @ramenadventures is that each picture is captioned with a detailed review (in English) along with a description of the dish’s background, so you get to learn a bit about Japanese culture, too.


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7. For something a little different @heavenly_cake

Three words: dollhouse miniature sweets. That is all.


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Savvy Bonus Pick: Egg artist @o.sayo.i

Japan-based Instagrammer o.sayo.i is creating mesmerizing pieces of art onto her sunny-side-up eggs. As detailed as they look yummy, her daily creations are sure to bring a smile to your face—and a sudden urge to eat fried eggs!


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Have we missed something? What is your favorite food Instagrammers from Japan? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to follow us @SavvyTokyo


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