Kurashinity: Bilingual Housekeeping Services For The Busy

Allow Yourself The Pleasure Of Going Back Home To A Spotless Apartment

Kurashinity's housekeeping services can help you use your time off for what it should be used for — focusing on things that make you happy.

Being a working professional in a big city like Tokyo constantly calls for making trade-offs — you commute longer to save on living expenses, you sleep less to finish your work, you spend hours cleaning your apartment on weekends (rather than spending quality time with your family) in order to devote your full attention to work and other obligations during the week. You persuade yourself that it can’t be helped because life is busy and weekends are for catching up on things you haven’t been able to do during the week.

But the reality is that none of this is actually true — it’s all about making the right trade-offs. Kurashinity, a professional bilingual housekeeping service based in Tokyo and Kanagawa is one of those trade-offs that can make a huge difference in your daily life: let someone else clean your home while you spend this time doing things that make you happier.

Kurashinity has updated its services since the publication of this article. To find out more, read the latest article here!

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