Kurashinity: Bilingual Housekeeping Services For The Busy

Allow Yourself The Pleasure Of Going Back Home To A Spotless Apartment

Kurashinity's housekeeping services can help you use your time off for what it should be used for — focusing on things that make you happy.

Being a working professional in a big city like Tokyo constantly calls for making trade-offs — you commute longer to save on living expenses, you sleep less to finish your work, you spend hours cleaning your apartment on weekends (rather than spending quality time with your family) in order to devote your full attention to work and other obligations during the week. You persuade yourself that it can’t be helped because life is busy and weekends are for catching up on things you haven’t been able to do during the week.

But the reality is that none of this is actually true — it’s all about making the right trade-offs. Kurashinity, a professional bilingual housekeeping service based in Tokyo and Kanagawa is one of those trade-offs that can make a huge difference in your daily life: let someone else clean your home while you spend this time doing things that make you happier.

Day-to-day support as you need it

Introduced in 2016 in Kanagawa and a year later in Tokyo by Pasona, a leading Japanese HR company, Kurashinity is a professional housekeeping service launched as an initiative to advance women’s social progress by taking a bit off their load.

Kurashinity housekeeper during a visit at a user’s home.

Kurashinity has multiple monthly plans, each catering to users’ needs and budget, starting from a casual “help me out occasionally” plan of two times a month to the “you’ve got this” full package of twice a week full homecare plan. The service includes everything from putting the room in order, bed-making, vacuuming, dusting, floor sweeping, laundry and the oh-so-dreaded ironing. Once the users meet with their assigned housekeeper, they can describe their most urgent needs and priorities.

[L]et someone else clean your home while you spend this time doing things that make you happier.

Reliable and professional housekeepers

Kurashinity’s housekeepers are all licensed professionals from the Philippines, most of whom have many years of experience working in foreign countries prior to coming to Japan. They are hired in the Philippines as full-time employees for Pasona, thus receiving all the benefits of a Japanese style employment while here in Japan, including housing and language support.

Meticulous care: Your sink won’t ever look the same — trust us!

Despite being professional already, they also undergo three months of training in the Philippines and one-month of training after coming to Japan, learning the ins and outs of a typical Japanese omotenashi hospitality that they would be expected to provide for customers here in Japan. Fluent in English, extremely speedy and knowledgeable about what and how to do (even during an initial visit), Kurashinity’s housekeepers will make your house spotless in no time and help you relieve the stress of folding all those socks and towels at home.

Yes, bath cleaning is included, too.

How does it work?

Start by registering via Kurashinity’s website or call the company’s bilingual call centers. You will be required to fill in a registration form stating your personal information and preferences, such as what days of the week are best for you and details about your apartment and preferred plan. After your registration, you will be contacted by Pasona staff to set up an initial visit, during which a bilingual Japanese staff member and an assigned housekeeper will visit you at home to discuss details and hear about your preferences and needs. This initial visit costs ¥3,000 for two hours, which includes a demonstration of the service — enough to make your apartment pleasantly unrecognizable.

And places where we don’t usually look carefully into…

After learning all the details, you can decide whether you would like to continue and sign up for a regular monthly plan. If you sign up for it (good for you!), you’ll be asked to give a spare key to the staff at Pasona for when you can’t be present at home (which will be kept in a safe when not used), sign a contract and then enjoy the service. The housekeeper will then visit your apartment on a weekday and during a time you have specified (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.), clean your house, do and fold your laundry, wash your dishes and sink, and help with anything else you need support with at home — except for cooking and shopping, sorry guys, you’ll have to do this on your own.

How much does it cost?

Kurashinity’s hourly rate starts at ¥2,900 with a minimum requirement of two hours per visit — that is, a minimum of ¥5,800 per day (and no, there’s no maximum!). For those willing to subscribe on a monthly base, the cheapest regular monthly plan is ¥11,600 for two visits per month, each lasting two hours. For people who wish to use the service on their own terms, spontaneously or even more frequently, customized plans are also available upon request — you can even have a housekeeper visit you daily. 

But if you aren’t in such a dire need for a full-time housekeeper and would just like to enjoy the look of your spotless apartment when you come back home after a busy week on Friday, the cheaper plans would be enough to suffice your needs. Other plans include two visits per month, each for three hours for ¥17,400 per month; four visits per month for ¥23,200 (two-hour work) and ¥34,800 for three hours work per visit. Transportation costs are included in all prices, so this amount would be exactly what you’re paying every month.

Persuaded already? Give it a try by calling Kurashinity at 0120-700-809 (English guidance available) or visit www.kurashinity.com/en/. After that, you’re free to sit back, relax and enjoy your apartment being cleaned up while you’re finally finishing that book you so wanted to read during the weekend!

Savvy Tokyo X Kurashinity Special Campaign

Mention Savvy Tokyo when signing up for a monthly plan to get your initial visit (¥3,000) and first-time visit (¥5,800) for free! The offer is limited only to users who are signing up for a regular monthly plan. Enjoy!