Weber Park: Gourmet Grilling With A View

This popular rooftop barbecue terrace in Odaiba is here to make your summer sizzle

Opened in June of last year, this restaurant outpost from grill manufacturer Weber is an immersion in all things barbecue—served with a side order of stunning views of Tokyo Bay.

Summer in Tokyo is filled with fun things to do. There’s festivals and fireworks, kakigori and rooftop cocktails, slurping sōmen and hiking nearby Mt. Fuji. But the one activity that really signals the start of Japan’s summer season? Barbeque.

Much like back home, barbecue in Japan is all about getting together with loved ones out in the fresh air over some delicious meat and veg. But while you might be used to grilling in your backyard, here in Tokyo, it’s all about communal barbecue spaces. Dubbed barbecue parks or gardens, they can be found anywhere from local parks to department store rooftops and usually have everything ready so all you have to do is turn up with your spatula and start grilling.

Weber Park: Not your average barbecue park

Head to the rooftop of Odaiba’s Aqua City shopping mall to be greeted by one of the best barbecue parks in the city, Weber Park. Produced by Weber, the world-famous outdoor grill brand, Weber Park is a step above other Tokyo barbecue spots thanks to its unique recipe of education, eating, and entertainment.

Originally planned to stay open for a limited time after its grand opening last summer, Weber Park has proven so popular they’ve kept it open for this summer as well. The Savvy Tokyo team recently got to visit the park to ring in the summer with our first barbecue. Ah, the things we have to do for work…

A sunset view by the bay

Head up to the seventh floor of Aqua City to find a spacious terrace where rows of picnic tables come with absolutely incredible views of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. At each table, two Weber grills are set up for the different menu offerings which can be ordered with a course or a la carte. On one end of the terrace is the bar and at the other is the Weber equipment shop and Grill Academy where customers can learn everything from how to cut a steak to how to assemble the perfect hamburger.

Aqua City is right in the middle of Odaiba’s action being steps away from the super trendy teamLab: Borderless digital art museum.

Don’t worry if there’s no grill master in your group, the Weber staff have your back! If you set the grill on fire, it won’t be the first, or last, time.

Flowing drinks, melted cheese, and BBQ, oh my!

Make a quick stop to the store and grab everything you want to slap on the grill yourself or take the omakase (recommended) route and choose from three different course menus: Weber Standard, Weber Deluxe, or Weber Premium Deluxe. All three courses include a side of assorted veggies and nachos, but the appetizer, main course, and dessert will differ—whatever you decide, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

For our visit, the chef was kind enough to combine a variety of main courses (lucky us!) for us to chow down on. The course started off with the always crowd-pleasing appetizer: nachos! Crunchy tortilla chips topped with shredded mozzarella cheese and a small bowl of spicy salsa. Straight off the grill, the cheese is bubbling, the salsa is sizzling, and the combination is just as hot.

Right alongside the nachos was a colorful array of veggies including bright red bell peppers, sliced white onions, and corn still fresh on the cob. Drizzle a bit (or more) of olive oil, a dash of salt, and grind fresh black peppercorns and pop that on the grill. Grilled veggies hit the perfect trio: smokey from the grill, juicy, and has a fresh crunch to it. And the appetizers haven’t finished yet! A large quesadilla the size of your head stuffed with melty cheese and smokey bacon bits—is your mouth watering yet?

Now that those ultra-cheesy nachos and quesadilla have you all hyped up, it’s time to bring out the big guns: the surf ‘n’ turf, baby!

Plump, succulent prawns swimming in garlic butter sauce came off the grill smoking hot and didn’t last for a minute on the table before melting in our mouths. Smooth as butter from the first bite to the last.

Next came wonderfully flaky Norwegian salmon and tender chicken breast that left us salivating. The crispy grill marks stamped perfectly onto the delicate fish is what summer barbecue dreams are made of.

The drinks kept flowing, the sunset glistened softly over the bay, and the Savvy team was full to almost bursting. But of course, there’s always room for dessert. Especially when it’s as decadent as Weber Park’s chocolate mini-cakes.

We couldn’t wait to devour the gooey, warm, chocolatey goodness—but didn’t have a choice as it took 20 minutes to bake on the grill. When the timer went off, it was like summer fireworks, with the cake being the grand finale.

Stick a fork in us, we were done.

For your next girl’s night out

Perfect for practically any kind of gathering and for people of all ages, this is a high-recommend if you’re looking for a place to have a fun family dinner or an all-girls’ joshikai. The adults will love gazing out over the terrace to a beautiful view of Rainbow Bridge, the kids will have the time of their lives getting to play pretend-chef, and you won’t be able to stop Instagramming pics of you with your girlfriends.

Unlike at most restaurants, at Weber Park, you get to play with your food before getting to enjoy it!

Take the survey for a chance to win a limited edition Weber grill and other prizes!

Win A Weber Grill - Weber Park Gourmet Grilling With A View

Book a table at Weber Park and tell them about your experience via this survey for a chance to win a limited-edition “Smokey Joe Crimson” barbecue. Other prizes up for grabs include 5 tickets for 2 free deluxe meals at Weber Park, and 5 tickets for 1 Free Deluxe Meal at Weber Park when reserving for more than 3 people. 

Wine lovers (um, who isn’t?!) should also fill out the additional pre-visit survey before you go to receive a free glass of sparkling wine with your meal.

Book online here.

The Deets

Weber Park

Address: Aqua City Odaiba 7F, 1-7-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 1-minute walk from Daiba Station, 6 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport Station
Hours: Lunch: 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Dinner: 5 p.m.-10 p.m.
Reserve: Online here or call 03-6457-1130 by 3 P.M. 3 days before for the course reservation.

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