8 Of This Year’s Hottest Spring Beauty Trends

It's either simple or messy!

By Emi Schemmer
March 19, 2019
Health & Beauty

From glowing bronzed cheeks to shades of pretty pastels and here-to-stay big brows and lashes, beauty trends this spring are a range of looks suitable for every woman.

Spring runways across the globe featured fashion looks that were colorful, eclectic, daring and creative. Splashed on pouty lips or carefully drawn on beautiful big eyes, makeup trends were just as shocking with neon pinks, purples, and glitter almost everywhere you could find. There’s no question that this year we’re seeing an incredible assortment of beauty looks and styles – some which we can’t wait to recreate at home and others which we would simply watch in amaze. Here are some of the highlights we loved straight off the runway that you can try this season.

1. Dewy, Just-Had-A-Facial Skin

Beautiful skin never goes out of style, but this spring, dewy, glowing skin has been highlighted to the max, with a natural look that mimics something as if you’ve just stepped out from having a facial. To enhance this look, models are wearing their hair slicked back from their face for emphasis, letting moisturized shiny complexions and slightly flushed cheeks really stand out. It’s all about going as foundation-free as possible. If you tend to sweat and hate the feeling of foundation sliding down your face (I mean, who doesn’t), then this light and breezy makeup style is just for you. Just a touch of concealer or a dab of primer only on spots or areas which are truly necessary, finished with a little extra iridescent luminizer (you can also use a light highlighter or liquid shimmer) will make you feel perfect in your own skin! 

2. Almond Shaped Nails

Manicured hands and feet are a must when it comes to our spring and summer beauty routine and lucky for us, Tokyo is a city that is definitely not in shortage of nail salons which can decorate your nails with basically every color and style you request. We’ve all seen a variety of nails throughout the city – bejeweled and extended to the extreme. Good news is that long coffin shaped nails are finally put to rest and softly shaped almond nails (not too long) are the main focus of this season’s beauty buzz. Almond shaped nails not only make your fingers look longer and more slender, but also give a more sweet and fragile or youthful look.

3. Tone Your Skin with Witch Hazel


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Spring is a good time for checking in with your own skin and you can start off by asking yourself a few questions. Does your skin feel tight and dry? Does your skin quickly absorb oils and moisturizers? Do you tend to be affected by seasonal allergies? A toner can be great for skin as it helps to refresh the skin and make sure your skin is really getting clean.

Witch hazel (ウィッチヘーゼル in Japanese, available on iHerb) is a natural disinfectant and toner, known for its wonderful mild-on-the-skin properties, that helps soothe redness and inflammation, aiding in the speeding up of your skin’s healing process. It’s also great to use if you are struggling with acne, itching skin and/or mild rashes. Insider’s tip: Keep your witch hazel in the fridge for a refreshing step to your skincare routine during warmer months.

4. Neon Eyes

If you love being experimental and playful with color, then this spring’s makeup trends are perfect for you. Neon colors walked down this year’s runway whether on clothes, shoes, bags and even hair accessories. From simple one-color neon eyeliners to more dramatic neon mashups of different hues smeared across the eyelids, bright pinks to greens, to purples and even magentas are part of this season’s way to vamp up your look.

5. Baby Bangs

Hair accessories, from headbands, clips, bows and other dangling things, have always been a growing trend when it comes to must-have beauty and fashion items. And with this year’s Spring-Summer trends being heavily focused on embellished headbands, why not go for it and chop away! Yes, go for baby bangs — or micro fringe, whatever you prefer to call it! Baby bangs are certainly not for everyone but are with no question, a quick and dramatic way to create a new look while highlighting some of the great new hair accessories you may want to pick up and wear this spring.  

6. Sun-Kissed Glow

With the weather getting warmer and the sakura just about to bloom, outdoor gatherings and weekends at the park are filling up our agendas. This means we mustn’t forget using a great SPF (we should be using one regardless year-round) but why not try something that will still give you a little bit of that sun-kissed glow? Bronzers are back and finding themselves all over magazine ads, campaigns and of course were seen walking down the runway during fashion week. Highlighting cheekbones and a little bit of that glow on the nose gives a healthy summer-beach look that can be complemented with some nice peachy pastel eyeshadows and finished with hair that is styled slightly wavy and a bit on the messy side – just as though you’ve come from the beach!

7. Bitten Lips  


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Ok, you’re probably thinking about that sultry puffy lower lip trademark of Angelina Jolie, but this beauty trend, in fact, originates from South Korea and has finally made its way to the mainstream buzz of 2019 beauty trends. The bitten lip beauty trend refers to lips that have been stained with a color that gradients or fades away towards the outer edges. In other words, smudgy lip finishes using the season’s top stain colors. Colors ranging from pinks to oranges, or darker magentas and crimson reds, this trend gives the look as though you’ve been in a serious make-out session. It is an ultra-feminine yet a little bit messy way of wearing a lip color that will finish your look with that little extra bit of something.

8. All Braided Up

From sleek and lengthy single braids to a head full of twists and knots with different colors and textures woven into them, it’s clear that this season’s beauty trends are highlighting the braided-looks. Braids are a great way to enhance your hairstyle by adding texture and even intricate woven patterns to the final look. Braids can take on the look of feminine and flirty to edgy and street-chic, depending on the style, size, and of course the added elements. Finally, don’t be afraid to braid imperfectly. Messy braids with some loose ends or part can be quite pretty and really add something special to a simple cocktail dress or even a jumper, when heading out for an evening out.

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