Savvy Tokyo Sakura Photo Contest 2020: Our Top 10 Photos

Sakura Fashion #StayAtHome #SavvySakura2020

And the grand prize goes to...

What a crazy sakura season! It was so unfortunate the coronavirus required us to stay indoors isolated away from the cherry blossoms during the peak of their bloom this year. However, we were still amazed with all the impressive photo submissions for our Savvy Sakura contest, with our #SavvySakura2020 hashtag alongside the #StayAtHome update we added.

This year, the contest theme was “Sakura Fashion” and we were so excited to see all of the talented shots featuring the fashion theme in one way or another. From pictures of your sakura style with the blossoms as your backdrop, to shots of sakura inspired nail art and home hanami dress-ups! Thank you for the many beautiful pictures that really lifted our sakura spirits whilst being away from the cherry blossoms themselves.

With over 100 submissions on Instagram—you certainly made it extremely difficult to narrow this list down to 10. Every photo submitted for this contest was so hopeful and high spirited and demonstrated the natural beauty of the sakura season perfectly.

So here they are, our grand winners, from No. 10 to No. 1. The lucky No. 1 gets our amazing prize—a family-sized picnic basket filled with various sakura-inspired goodies, plus a few extras.


And for those who didn’t win this time—stay tuned for more contests coming up very soon! Thank you all! #SavvySakura2020

10. “Positive Heart”

The story: Such an inspiring caption which reads when translated “the more positive thinking you develop, the more wonderful your life can become”
Why we chose it: Alongside the beautiful smile and spring look featuring a flowy skirt, the caption is exactly the sort of thinking we need during these hard times.
Photo: By Instagram user @pajarft. Taken in Saitama Prefecture.

9. “Cotton Candy Wonderland”

The story: Always leave room for the unimaginable.
Why we chose it: For its perfect composition, the lovely setting, the fun story and the pink sakura style!  
Photo: By Instagram user @thewanderingcam. Taken in Kinuta Park, Setagaya.

8. “Sakura Reflection”

The story: Rose is the new black.
Why we chose it: The beautiful spring look and the snazzy rose glasses!
Photo: By Instagram user @13dmk. 

7. “Ballerina”

The story: A ballerina with a sakura skirt.
Why we chose it: The creativity of this photo is so fun! We love the interpretation of the sakura fashion idea, wonderful!
Photo: By Instagram user @ericahurlburtphotography.

6. “Snow In The Spring”

The story: First time experiencing snow in the spring.
Why we chose it: We were all probably a little confused with this years strange start to spring. Starting off warmer than usual years, the sakura bloomed much earlier but a week later it was snowing again! This photo captures that unique beauty of mother nature’s doing, and we love it!
Photo: By Instagram user @bitoypalaboy. Taken in Zama City.

5. “Nine Months Old”

The story: Nine months old on this day, celebrating at home sakura style.
Why we chose it: It simply has it all: a gorgeous model, cherry blossom decorations, and a beautiful sakura look…we felt the love!
Photo: By Instagram user @hanachanzwa.

4. “Sakura Destination”

The story: Just before the State Of Emergency was declared.
Why we chose it: We love the composition, the sweet posing and the perfectly matching pink sakura dress! 
Photo: By Instagram user @lykishkeane. Taken in Shingashi River.

3. “Spring Lover”

The story: Finding crowd free sakura viewing spots.
Why we chose it: So bright, we can feel the fresh spring breeze right through the photo. A simple and sweet spring look paired with it. 
Photo: By Instagram user @arisa_chow. Taken in Kyoto.

2. “Sakura Stretch”

The story: Feeling the power of sakura.
Why we chose it: We loved the aesthetic pose and feel good look the photo gives off. It really represents the natural atmosphere of spring and beauty of the sakura, looks so relaxing!
Photo: By Instagram user @nelson_okaneku. Taken in Shinjuku Gyoen.

And our grand winner is …“Home Hanami”

The story: Enjoying a nice hanami at home with tea, sweets and sakura decorations!
Why we chose it: This photo nailed our theme this year through the combination of the at home hanami along with the hanami outfit. A sakura dress with sakura earrings —so on point! Gorgeous! 
Photo: By Instagram user @goondepompadour. Congratulations!

You can view all photos submitted for this contest on Instagram here.

What is your favorite photo of the 10? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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