6 Ways To Change Your Look This Spring (And Feel Totally Awesome)

Use These Savvy Exclusive Offers And Tips To Spark Up Your Look

By The Savvy Team
April 4, 2019
Health & Beauty

Reinvent your wardrobe, hair, makeup, and lifestyle with our quick tips and special offers.

The cold days of winter are finally behind us, the flowers are in full bloom, the weather is warmer and most of us are finally starting to emerge from our shells ready to embrace all the excitement the new season brings. This April, the month of new beginnings in Japan, you may be starting a new job, moving to a new city, enrolling at a new school or have children who will be. You may be ending a relationship and starting a new one, or you may be just about to settle in Japan. Or, you may just be wishing to spark up your life and start fresh.

And all that calls for can be put in one simple word: change.

Yes, you can pick a new hobby, change bad habits and start investing in your future, but you know well that these tend to take some time. What doesn’t, however, is changing our look — getting a complete beauty upgrade that makes us look and feel our best. You know, some of that #treatyourself time most of us tend to put aside in favor of everything else we must take care of in our lives. So, if you’re on the same page and want to do something for yourself this spring, here are a few Savvy deals and tips to help you in the process! 

1. Get a hair makeover

It couldn’t be any simpler—when we look great, we feel great. A physical change attracting a few compliments may be enough to make us feel motivated for the whole year. Get a new haircut or hair color. If you’ve been a brunette all your life, why not turn blond for a change? Or finally get that straight perm you’ve been wanting to do for a really long time. Baby bangs are apparently back in vogue, so why not give this look a try, too?

Our friends at Toni & Guy in Ebisu offer Savvy readers a discount of 20% off of all hair treatments for every new customer, so if you haven’t been there, give it a try and go for that complete new look without fear! Book from here (in English). 


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2. Make peace with your closet

Marie Kondo, the 2019 sensation and currently most famous Japanese person across the globe, could be wrong about some of the things she says (in our modest opinion, sorry fans!), but she’s certainly right for one — if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. Spring cleaning is a great way to get rid of old luggage, and by this, we also mean emotional, because clothes have a huge impact on the way we feel. That coat your ex gave you for your birthday? To the left. That old jacket you no longer look quite your amazing self in? To the left.

If you need help in doing this, reach out to our friend, personal stylist and wardrobe detox queen Corin Kanazawa who can help you do this without any mercy — and that’s perhaps exactly what you need. 

3. Get back on your feet with medical pedicure and massage

Tokyo is a massive city that requires a lot of walking — quite often in heels, too. This often means that by the end of the day you might be feeling your legs heavy and totally ready to give up. Luckily, Tokyo is also massage heaven, but it also helps to know the right places.

One of our favorite foot treatments in Tokyo is the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by French podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez at The Peninsula Tokyo, which was so helpful when we tried it first that one of our Savvy team members took her mother to give it a try for Mother’s Day last year (and that says a lot!).

This treatment offers pedicure, which includes the removal of all cones and the grinding down and smoothing the hard skin around the nails, mani-pedi duo treatments, and a foot & leg massage. It really helps get back on your feet — literally. The Peninsula Spa is currently offering a complimentary Black Diamond Scrub (value of ¥15,800) to the first 50 guests booking the 70-minute Bastien Pedicure upon mentioning Savvy Tokyo. See more details here.

4. Get a quality facial

Just as you’d put a conditioner on your hair after shampooing it, your face requires one special retouch once in a while to clean and clear up your skin and pores and get that natural glow back. For those of us who can do this at home, congrats, for the rest of us — it’s safer to rely on a professional before getting into risky experiments.

Our favorite beauty salon Elana Jade in Azabujuban offers 20% off of all treatments — including its famous anti-aging facials — to all first-time visitors upon mentioning of Savvy Tokyo. While the discount is usable for all treatments, including wax and massage, we highly recommend going for the facial — you’ll feel better and you’d be able to see the change instantly.

Tengenji Solaria Clinic in Hiroo, another Savvy-tested beauty clinic, also offers 10% off of all treatments to new users coming from Savvy! Don’t miss out.

5. Get in vogue with the latest makeup and fashion trends

Bitten lips, almond nails, dewy, glowing skin and neon eyeshadow colors are just a few of this season’s hottest beauty and makeup trends. Asymmetric shirts and manga-inspired giant hoop pockets are in fashion, too. And so is the never-getting-old simple white shirt which can be worn in so many different ways — from the classic to the badass “wear-it-backward” style that will certainly leave a few turning heads after you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these looks in search of a brand new look. You may find yourself totally surprised.

6. Start investing in better health … one step at a time

Easier said than done, we know. But more often than not we think of major changes — lose a few pounds, start exercising, embrace the Keto diet … but, ahh, all of this can be so frustrating! There are, however, a million ways to improve our health without feeling tempted to punch the wall.

How about shaking up your morning routine for a change? Wake up 30 minutes earlier, walk one station further along your route to work, or go for a quick jog. This will boost your concentration, help you gather your thoughts and feel healthier. Improving your sleep quality will help you achieve emotional balance, regain strength and keep your weight in check.

Work on your diet. Regardless of what we say, we need to be healthy to feel well. Add one of Japan’s superfoods to your menu at least three times a week. Genmai (brown rice), for example, is a wonderful addition to your meal for its richness in fiber and nutrients. So is okara, kinako, and all Vitamin-C-rich natural foods like kaki (Japanese persimmons) and baked seaweed we have everywhere in Japan but tend to take for granted.

Limit processed foods you buy on your way to work and try to cook more at home and bring that to work. Here are a few simple ideas for healthy breakfast and lunches that don’t require much time, products or efforts.

And finally, end your day with a quick meditation. It will help you relax, review your goals and envision the life you want.

Try all these for a few weeks and feel your best self by the end of the month. Baby steps take you a long way both physically and mentally.

Happy spring, happy new beginning!

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